1 hour and 15 minute video chat with seven Mat & Kitchen members who are Busy Mommas.

"Mat & Kitchen.com supports the wellness of people all over the world. Our members share how it uniquely assists women who are busy mommas. "

                     - Tandy

What busy mommas love most about M&K:

1 Accessibility, schedule & budget

2 Modeling healthy behavior for kids

3 Loving, kind and calm workouts

4 Hormone balance

5 Rewriting the deep negative self-talk

6 Direct access to Tandy and the M&K community of mommas

Mat & Kitchen.com is Tandy's elite online fitness and wellness studio going strong since 2013. 


Get a 30 day trial using promo code LMOMMA at check out here and you'll also get a custom folder of 5 additional 30-min video workouts specific to  post-natal mommas (no matter how far post-natal you are), total value $84.

Membership is $32 a month for a new 30-min workout every three days, 300+ gluten and dairy free recipes and The 41 Day Food Reset.


Members also get free access to Tandy's 30 Days to Better 30 day online courses, 3 years running since 2015.

The details of what you will get as an M&K member.​

  • I post a brand new workout every three days. I macro and micro cycle all of your workouts on the back end in perpetuity. If you are #onthemat regularly you are getting true personal training that optimizes your progress in strength, mobility, flexibility, healing and injury prevention. Just press play for results.

  • M&K workouts are for all fitness levels. Every workout is crafted as if you walked into a mixed level class with me. Simply meet yourself #onthemat each time and do as much as you can by following my cuing......not by trying to do exactly what I do. Every body is coming to this journey from a unique place. 

  • For best results get #Onthemat 4-6x a week. Consistency breeds results and practice breeds mastery.

  • From day one of your membership forward each new workout on the site is added to your account. Click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner after logging in to see every video in your account archived over time. You can also create custom folders and drop workouts in a favorites folder to organize your videos, if you like. But, you NEVER need to do anything but log in to your account and do the workout of the day. The 'Just Press Play' method reaps the best results and allows me to do my job as your personal trainer. 

  • Day 1 of the workout is to get acquainted with it

  • Day 2 of the workout allows you to go deeper in the work

  • Day 3 of the workout allows you to have some mastery over that series....then we transition to a new workout for muscle and brain variation, no boredom, no auto-pilot...true periodization in your movement.

  • Every eighth workout is your full stretch video. 

  • Every other workout on the site uses a prop! You do not need to buy all the props at once, I rotate through them over time. If you'd like to see them or purchase what you don't have click here. If you don't have the current prop you can do the workout prior or try the Video of the Day without the prop.

  • You also have access to my Kitchen where with 300+gluten & dairy free recipes and my 41 Day Food Reset to crack your food code. Up your wellness and heal your gut. It's designed to balance hormones, teach you how to batch cook, transition to a more whole foods diet and for gut healing. It's excellent for anyone but especially for those with autoimmune issues, food sensitivities or those who are 'stuck' when comes to loosing weight. 

  • You will also find my monthly guided meditations and tarot readings for you here or by logging out of your M&K account and heading to the video scroller on the home page of MatandKitchen.com. These are my gifts to you monthly to assist the unfolding of your spirit. 

  • Every M&K membership includes my monthly newsletter that arrives the first Saturday of every month -- please make sure to add contact@matandkitchen.com to your address book or check your promotional, spam, trash or junk folders to find it......sometimes they end up in crazy places. In my newsletter I share the monthly cosmic & seasonal energy we are working with, questions to improve your personal magic inside & out, links to my free monthly guided meditation & tarot readings + specific healing crystal and essential oil recommendations particular to each month so you have everything you need to balance your mind, body and spirit in real time. 

  • Every M&K membership includes my monthly 30 Days to Better email courses. You'll receive one email every month with a wellness education and assignment for the week to constantly be evolving and manifesting your best self inside and out. 

  • You can cancel your membership at any time with just two button clicks from your personal account. 

  • Request to join your M&K community via our private Facebook Groups for M&K Members, 30 Days to Better Participants and those who have completed or are currently do the M&K Food Reset

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