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How do you get anchored in self love, self respect, spirit and self evaluation?

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  • Guided monthly meditation 

  • Monthly Tarot Reading

  • New Moon and Full Moon Tarot Readings each month


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  • Trust in the 'Just Press Play' design: I take the noise and confusion out of fitness and alchemize it into wellness. Intelligent, calm, kind and powerful 30 min mat based workouts, new, every three days.

  • Access to 300+ gluten & dairy free recipes

  • Utilize my 41 Day Food Reset to crack your personal food code for wellness thrival. 


Take one of my 30 Days to Better online courses

  • Tailored to the unique needs of each season both physical, spiritual and practical

  • Workouts, weekly email lessons, guest experts and a private Facebook group to up your wellness education via practical tips & tactics....because perfect doesn't exist....but better does #betterisbetter

Wellness is real and it's not as complicated nor as heavy as the world makes it seem.


Allow me to help you navigate the evolution of your best self in simple, real, day-to-day ways on the mat, in the kitchen and via the cards.


Training with me is where the the stars meet the pavement.

At my virtual kitchen table, we'll cover the facts of real life: medications, diagnosis, chronic issues, extra weight, tight muscles, funky parts, hydration, sleep or lack there of and everything else that is real and part of a complicated urban (and suburban!) life.

I start with your heart. I've learned through 20 years of working with clients & members that this is where it begins. Real life transforming evolution starts at your spirit, in self love. So, that's where we work.

Without an anchor in your heart, intuition, divine spirit or higher self......give it whatever name works best for you....physical, mental or emotional changes won't come or certainly don't last.  


Working with your body rather than against it is your divine birth right.


Your body is magical and deserves to be cared for.


When your body is loved and respected,

it responds in magnificent ways.


It heals. It strengthens.


It sheds unnecessary weight.


It loosens up. It finds balance.


... and you thrive!


Each one of us can experience the divine magic of our wellness through an anchor in spirt, a dash of magic and practical daily tactics.


It's time to learn that you are magical and that the more anchored and grounded you get in your personal body, mind and spirit the more magical life itself becomes. 


The universe loves to be met halfway. When it sees and feels you putting balanced, healthy and loving effort towards you it responds in kind.  




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