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Wellness is real and it's not as complicated nor as heavy as the world makes it seem.


Allow me to be your urban mystic who helps you navigate the evolution of your best self in simple, real, day-to-day ways on the mat, in the kitchen and in the stars.


Training with me is where the the stars meet the pavement.....sit at my virtual kitchen table, we'll cover the facts of reality: medications, diagnosis, chronic issues, extra weight, tight muscles, funky parts, hydration, sleep or lack there of etc. etc. etc. either in my free 30 Days to Better online sessions or in private one-on-ones, then roll into the emotional conversations of the heart and soul via the tarot and meditation. 


Without an anchor in your heart, intuition or higher self....give it whatever name works best for you....physical changes don't last. 


As a culture we've been chasing results from the pavement up thinking that we can beat our bodies into submission and trade calories for cardio to be healthy or fit. We've been playing this yo-yo on-and-off game for far too long. 

We're still training and treating our bodies like it's the 1980's. 

We're too smart for that now.

We know better.

We've evolved. 

A calorie is not a calorie.

You cannot trade bad for good in alternating weekends. 


That way of functioning with your body is a fallacy.

It's a lie.

It's wrong.


It's a bill of goods you've been sold from PR and marketing and cultural conditioning to keep you in fear to keep you buying products, supplements, shakes and widgets.


I'm here to teach you how to work from the stars down, from a heart focused mind, to evolve to your best self. 

When you get anchored in self respect, self love, spirit and self evaluation your body reflects these things on the outside.

Results become fun and beautiful, attainable and they last. 

You'll discover that what you learn about your physical wellness is directly applicable in your life at large. 

It's time to quit fighting and start evolving. It's time to work your magic and manifest some results. 


How do you get anchored in self love, self respect, spirit and self evaluation?

Through self-care!

My clients practice self-care with me via:

  • Guided monthly meditation

  • Monthly Tarot Readings

  • New Moon and Full Moon Tarot Readings

  • 30 minute mat based workouts via Mat &Kitchen.

  • Cracking their personal food code in the kitchen via my 41 Day Food Reset on Mat &Kitchen

  • My 30 Days to Better online courses


Working with your body rather than against it is your divine birth right.

Your body is magical and deserves to be cared for.

When your body is loved and respected it responds in magnificent ways.

It heals. It strengthens. It sheds unnecessary weight. It loosens up. It finds balance.

It thrives. 

Each one of us can experience the divine magic of our wellness through an anchor in spirt, a dash of magic and practical daily tactics.


It's time to learn that you are magical and that the more anchored and grounded you get in your personal body, mind and spirit the more magical life itself becomes. 

The universe loves to be met halfway.

When it sees and feels you putting balanced, healthy and loving effort towards you it will responds in kind. 

Become an urban mystic and learn how to work your personal magic in the concrete jungle we call life. 

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