Presents: How To Be A Unicorn

'How to Be a Unicorn' is a two week happening in Brooklyn, NY July 17th - July 31st 2017

This is the way to invoke the magic of your inner unicorn at 4 locations that will teach you the qualities, habits and tactics of becoming your most magical self, grounded in this earthly plain but divinely connected, supported and guided by the universe, just like a unicorn.


In these two weeks at these unicorn stops you'll have the opportunity to experience free tarot readings, unicorn lattes, cleansing sound baths, and the child like wonder of your very own unicorn horn in a magic mirror!

This BK adventure walks you down the literal path of all the things you need to sparkle & shine. You'll get divine experiences & discounts at each check-in location to let your inner unicorn out to play PLUS there's a grande prize giveaway at the very end full of goodies to keep your unicorn nature at full strength past these 2 weeks!

What is a Unicorn?

Unicorns symbolize infinite hope and possibility. These mystical creatures only present themselves to the pure of heart and are capable of bestowing true healing. When you invoke the power of your very own inner unicorn you harness the power of ultimate love, magic, manifestation and wellness.


Unicorns represent the incredibly unique way we each live & work day-to-day on this earthly plane while still being deeply and eternally connected to the divine.

This summer Brooklyn is defining what it truly means to be a "Unicorn". With all the hype on this mythical creature, it's time to truly talk about what it takes to be one, and how. Tandy Gutierrez, founder of the Unicorn Wellness Project, is here to guide and teach you how!

How It Works

From July 17th - 31st, 2017

1. Visit all the unicorn stops in Brooklyn + one online offering within these 2 weeks. 

2. Snap a pic while you're there and post it on your social platform of choice and hashtag it #BKUnicorn.

3. Chance to win a prize from each store worth a total of over $500


By snapping and posting pix at each location you'll harness the magic of your own inner unicorn one piece at a time and automatically be in the mix to win the grand prize package featured below. 

You can visit the businesses on The Unicorn Path in any order you wish at any time they are open July 17th - 30th, 2017. 

The Unicorn Path

Get ready to prance your way through Brooklyn's most mystical journey.


The Unicorn Wellness Project - Check in here online for you your ultimate unicorn training with a custom tarot reading for these two weeks, specific to 'How to Be a Unicorn' participants, a monthly guided meditation and a movement series specifically created for maintaining unicorn-ness in the physical plane. This is your only online check in. Snap a screenshot and post from here! Congratulations! You're well on your way to full unicorn status. 

Open Everyday | 24/7


The End - Home of the original real deal, pure unicorn fuel 'Unicorn Latte'  and now 'Unicorn Elixir' It's time to sip these magical elixirs made of pure, clean and heartfelt ingredients while you connect to your intuition and intentions. 10% off purchases in these two weeks for mentioning #BKUnicorn.

Open Everyday | 8am-7pm

522 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Brooklyn Owl - This is where the child like wonder of your inner unicorn comes out to play! Creativity, whimsy and good, clean, childish fun is what it's all about here when you hunt for the magic writing on the wall and talk to the magic mirror. 10% off purchases in these two weeks for mentioning #BKUnicorn.

Open Everyday | 10am-6pm (Sun 12-5)

252 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Emerald Gem Exchange - At this stop all unicorns will experience a sound bath of the most magical quality to help you anchor in the earth and ethers at the same time. This sound bath cleanses your energetic bodies by raising your frequencies, simply by listening. While you're there explore the healing magic of crystals and stones that support all true unicorns. $10 off $50 or greater purchases in these two weeks for mentioning #BKUnicorn.

 Open Everyday | 10am - 8pm 

145 Front St. (Dumbo) Brooklyn, NY 11201


Complete the Unicorn Path

And get a chance to win...


  1. A gift certificate to THE END BROOKLYN ($30)

  2. 30 Days free on ($32)

  3. A one-on-one wellness consultation and tarot reading with Tandy Gutierrez ($250)

  4. A Unicorn Horn from The Brooklyn Owl ($30)

  5. A gift certificate to The Emerald Gem Exchange ($40)

  6. A sound bath with full chakra alignment from The Emerald Gift Exchange ($100)

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