Every other workout on UnicornWellness.Studio includes a prop!


If you do not have the prop in the Video of the Day you can do the workout prior, without the prop.


You can build your prop tool box over time and you may already have a few of these. You do not need to buy them all at once. I rotate through them in perpetuity. I have listed my preferred props in order of importance on the mat; yoga blocks, yoga strap, resistance band, versa loop, magic circle, foam roller and light hand weights.


Quality matters and not all props are the same.The props listed are chosen for their longevity and quality.

Props add both assistance and challenge to your time on the mat.

*The mini rebounder is completely extra for those looking for my recommendation on cardio. Learn more in my blog post here

Foam Roller: $20

Buy here

Yoga Blocks: $13

Buy here

Magic Circle: $25

Buy here

2lb Hand Weights: $18 Buy here

Theraband Resistance Band: 3 for $12

Buy here

Yoga Strap: $8

Buy here

Versa Loop: $11

Buy here

Jump Sport Fitness Trampoline: $249.00

Buy here

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