To Run or Not to Run? That is the Question

August 25, 2014



Today's tip...STOP RUNNING or rather stop doing senseless, eat-up-your-life-cardio. WHAT?! Yes, I just said that and yes I have many caveats to it. Hang in there. Grab your coffee or tea and just hear me out.


Every client that has come to be for weight loss be it small or not so small increments, I pull off of any cardio completely for 3 months as they start training with me. Why?


1) Because that's typically what they have mostly been doing and it isn't working.

2) Long bouts of cardio are super hard on your body, especially your joints.

3) There are smarter more efficient ways to lose weight.

4) Our bodies are not built to run long distances without creating a stress response (here goes the Paleo theory, but loooong before Paleo was even a 'thing' I was pulling clients off cardio and seeing results).

This is especially true for women as we, biologically,  are not the 'hunter/gatherers' of the tribe. This is also extra true in bodies with an autoimmune disorder 'stressors' can trigger our symptoms in an incredibly bad way, so finding balance in our fitness is key to making things better, not worse (this includes me with my Celiac and thyroid disfunction). It's one of the key points of M&K, those with autoimmune issues find a true fitness home on the mat with me because it tends to not fire the stress responses allowing a autoimmune body to progress rather than be knocked down for simply trying. For years I blew out my own system with single workouts that left me 'out' of my fitness for weeks because of recovery times.


M&K, in the last 3 years, has proven to be a resource, not just for me, but for members across the world to not only prevent autoimmune burn outs, adrenal blow outs but to create incredible distance in between the episodes they can bring as well as shortening that recovery time when they (and I) do have an episode that leaves us managing our symptoms in a major way. I digress. 


Back to the topic at hand. 


When you run long distances (anything over 30 minutes, non-stop) it triggers a stress response in your system. Your body now thinks what you are doing is about fight or flight and cortisol gets produced and has a hay-day. (These are the basics we can have a longer discussion at a M&K Event in person)....... Cortisol stashes in your belly and can either create a little pooch or not let go of it and it's certainly not going to help you shed weight and can even cause you to gain it.


There are far more efficient and interesting ways to change a body/lose weight/create wellness.

1. Cracking your own food code via the M&K Food Reset 

2. Mat & Kitchen workouts (as it's not strictly pilates. I train in a macro and micro cycle on the back end to balance a body with all the format tools I have, not just pilates but also Functional Movement/conditioning/lifting.

3. A rebounder (You can read up on that component in this blog post).


Cardio is for your heart. You should have some in your life to create a well-rounded, healthy body. But be clear, it's for your HEART, not for efficient weight loss. Best way to approach cardio is in intervals or sprints. Tabata or HIIT training work and they work smart. You'll see me posting my 'runs' and sprinting 'workouts' but NONE of them are over 30 minutes and that includes my warm up and cool down.


If you're happy with where your health is at, you're an endurance athlete or the only thing that gets you out of bed is your run...then do it. I do believe there are exceptions to every rule. That each body works a little differently and thrives with various flavoring. But, if you have done cardio relentlessly for years and have never lost the weight you wanted to or seen any body change at all, it's time to drop it and try something else.


As Einstein said "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" is the definition of insanity. There's no need to be insane over your health.


Balance brings true health and fitness. Doing 'just enough' with 30 minute Mat & Kitchen workouts weekly combined with gorgeous clean fuel/food and finding the sweet spot of under 30 minutes in your cardio to keep you well rounded and heart healthy is the way to go.


Fitness is simple. Marketing and PR have done a number on us when it comes to exercise science. Eat Real Food, Move intelligently and efficiently. Get on the mat with me at Thrive.


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If you'd like to train with me head to Mat & Kitchen and enter promo code: MKBLOG17 at checkout . This code allows you 30 days free on my site to see if what and how I teach is a fit for you. You can cancel at anytime with 2 button clicks from your account and it comes loaded with extra workouts for those beginning on the mat. $96 value.


See how M&K challenges you to become your best self without beating your body into submission but always offering a challenge and an opportunity to learn in the wellness triangle of body, mind and spirit. *M&K is appropriate for all fitness levels. All workouts are 30 minutes each. 


Learn more about Tandy Gutierrez here.

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