Calcium Minus the Cow

September 9, 2014

I get asked fairly frequently, 'Where do you get calcium if you don't eat dairy?' Legitimate question. Number one, I'm not down on dairy. My personal stomach won't tolerate it after years of Celiac damage and Autoimmue issues. I'd love to have a little in my diet, but my system, for now keeps saying, no.

My children eat super clean, hormone free, organic and raw sources of dairy.

What I believe in is the source and overall balance of your food. 


The dairy council has done it's job convincing us that we can only flourish with cows, have they flourished from their investments in lobbyists and marketing. Clearly, I'm a little down on cows milk. Why? Because it's inflammatory to a system. It generates and thickens mucus and creates an environment for toxic crap to breed in our bodies. It's hyper processed and mostly pumped full of preservative and chemical junk. In clean, raw, moderation and balance,  it's fine. But how many of us are drinking or eating raw cow's milk straight from a farm? However, there are other, less caustic ways to get calcium minus the cow. I adore sheep and goats milk, yogurt and cheese for my kids and wish my stomach could handle a little. Perhaps in the future it will as it heals.  



Here's the breakdown for dairy sources of calcium:

Sheep and Goat dairy products are minus the casein (protein) that is typically difficult to digest in cows milk PLUS actually contain more calcium per cup of milk!

Cow milk = 276 mg a cup

Goat = 327 mg a cup

Sheep = 472  mg a cup

Guess which one my kids eat and periodically drink?



But again, where do I get calcium if I'm minus dairy or where does it come from for my husband who's vegan?  


Beyond dairy there are SO MANY ways to get calcium. If you are eating a diverse, whole, real food diet (hello, M&K Food), you're probably getting enough calcium. Here is a short list of sources:


1. Collard Greens - 357 mg per cup

2. Sardines - 321 mg per can

3. Salmon - 232 mg per 4 oz

4. Turnip Greens - 197 mg per 1 cup

5. White Beans - 191 mg per 1 cup

6. Kale - 188 mg per 2 cups

7. Blackstrap Molasses - 172 mg per Tablespoon

8. Seaweed - 126mg per 1 cup

9. Almonds - 72 mg per 1/4 cup

10. Oranges - 65 mg per 1 medium


This isn't even a full list, just a snippet.

See?! There are a ton of ways to get nutrients and elements your body needs with real food sources that are not hyper processed, treated or infused with chemicals or 'enriched'. (p.s. There's no reason to 'enrich' a food. It's a chemical process. Just eat the real version of foods that actually contain the nutrient or element you want and need).


Fueling your body for health is all about getting real. If you eat real things, you get what you need. There is a HUGE scare tactic used by marketing and PR to terrify us about not getting enough of certain things in order to NEED to buy particular products. Are you seeing the connection? It's not about an inability to get calcium, it's a lack of education on what foods contain which nutrients, a classic American diet that tends to be not very diverse and low in 'real' foods as well as growing up in a culture where we have been brain washed to think we CANNOT absorb enough calcium without drinking or eating cow's milk products. 


Bottomline is, you can break down numbers all day; milligrams, cups, teaspoons, calories, LDL, HDL, BP  of any foods etc.....But how do you FEEL? Are you energetic and vibrant with ample amounts of energy to get through your day? Are you clear headed and capable of focusing? Are you at a healthy weight? Can your body do the things you want and need it to without pain or exhaustion in a day? These are the questions me need to answer and live by, not "Did I add up my 1000 milligrams of calcium today by force feeding myself a food that may be chock full of hormones and chemicals that causes more bad in my body then good through inflammation?"






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