A Picture is worth a 1000 Words - Guest Blog from Subscriber Megan Stewart

October 10, 2014

Megan and I started connecting via Pimp Your Mat's Facebook Fan Page. Like any other fan, I always try to respond to each and every post. It started slowly and grew and then blossomed into a full email,

Facebook friendship. Since she was chosen for the PYM Fall Sessions I have gotten to know her on a deeper level and asked her to write her PYM Story, because she is someone with EVERY viable excuse in the book to NOT change her habits, improve her health or change her body. And yet, she's doing it. Every day in a sensible, calm, thoughtful manner and reaping the benefits. 


Megan is an inspiration as she has little family or cultural support for what she's embarked on, her geographical location is NOT conducive to a fit lifestyle in rural New York with certain box stores and chain fast food being the most popular and busiest places (and perhaps the only places) around and a limited budget. Megan is motivation and inspiration to me to keep doing what I'm doing and I hope she motivates others to get #onthemat in spite of their excuses and yes, even in honor of their excuses.I can't wait to share her Day 146 pictures as soon as she has completed her 8 week PYM Fall Session.  




Warning...this is a super long post charting my journey so far! I tend to be long winded, but I wanted to share!

So I want to start from the beginning with my PYM practice and how it evolved into the fall sessions. For anyone who may be lurking around like I did in the beginning, this may help you take the plunge!

I found PimpYourMat as a Facebook suggested page. I loved the name, so I checked it out! I had no connection to Tandy before this...not a sister, or a cousin, or an old college roommate! I just hung out and read tandy's posts and her subscribers' posts, but assumed I wouldn't want to pay for another fitness thing!

I've tried a lot of different stuff in my life! I've done beachbody workouts, tae bo, Pilates and yoga DVDs, a bike, an elliptical machine, gym memberships, running, the total gym...and that's just what I can think of off the top of my head! I've bought books, magazines, apps, and tried all of them with no success and no long term commitment!

When Tandy was doing a special birthday celebration and giving away two week memberships, I decided to give it a try. I even emailed her to tell her how much I didn't want to commit!

I did PYM workouts everyday for two weeks and I was hooked! I didn't want to lose any of my videos and I was ready to commit! The special for signing up in May was personally chosen workouts for moms! I did only her chosen workouts for two weeks and I truly felt stronger!

For the rest of the summer I kept up with PYM workouts, introduced a few PYM recipes, and started drinking half my body weight in ounces of water everyday. After 90 days I had lost zero pounds and was ready to throw in the towel. I felt better, but if I didn't look better I was done! I compared a before picture taken in May to one 90 days later and I couldn't believe the change! My waist was more defined, my hips were trimmer, and my arms were stronger!

Throughout all of this, I was bugging the crap out of Tandy! I emailed her all the time for every little question and she never hesitated to get back to me with a very in depth and thoughtful response! Every excuse I had, she shot it down, every time I was frustrated about progress, she told me I needed to do the food reset!

I spent the whole summer terrified of the reset! I tried some of the recipes individually and could not imagine eating them again. I decided to apply for the fall sessions because I needed to be held accountable for my fitness journey. I knew that Tandy wouldn't let me off the hook and I respected her enough to not quit on her!

Almost three weeks into this journey I am amazed at my progress! I have had a tough three weeks to start the fall sessions, but not because of the workouts or the food! I had five birthday parties in the first week, my husband started gutting our whole downstairs at the end of the first week, and I was trying to get into a routine for my first time teaching at preschool. I'm very proud to say that I haven't even thought about cheating and I've made some choices about passing up food that I never would've made before!

I've lost 10 pounds as of today (19 days in) and I'm constantly discovering new things about my relationship with food! I eat because food is there, I eat because I can't pass up sweets, I eat because my kids didn't finish their food, I eat because everyone else is! Just realizing that I can still have fun and hang out with friends and family without eating is a huge deal that will help me for years to come!

If you are someone who wants to take the plunge and find a workout that can literally fit into anyone's lifestyle, then you should give PYM a try! For $32 a month you get an amazing personal trainer who will help you with anything and everything relating to fitness! Her personal journey with food created the food reset and it has changed my life in less than three weeks!

Rather than being scared of the reset and thinking of all the things I'm missing out on, I'm excited to continue introducing new foods to find what works for me. I love the PYM workouts and I hope to do them for life!

If you've read this far, thank you! Trust Tandy with your health and fitness journey and you will not be disappointed! I can't wait to post my awesome progress as this fall session continues!


PYM Subscriber

-Megan Stewart







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