Stretching is a Key Component of M&K

November 12, 2014


Why should we stretch? Why did I choose that subscribers participating in the 2014 Stretch Goal Challenge do 4 stretch video/workouts the week of November 10-16th? Because it's what most people gloss over. Because it's what most people need. Because body change comes from balance. Because if all you're doing is stressing out your system and never allowing it to constructively rest, you will NOT get results and will at some point find yourself with an injury. Here are the bullet points for stretching and why we get #onthemat to do it at LEAST once a week:


- Improved athletic performance

- Decreased risk of injury

- Reduced muscle tension

- Increased range of movement in your joints

- Enhanced muscular coordination

- Increased circulation of the blood to various parts of your body

- Increased energy levels (resulting from increased circulation)

- Pain Relief

- Pain Prevention

- Stress management

- Calming for your nervous system (if you deal with anxiety, depression or general     bombardment of pixels all day long die to being on a screen i.e computer, smart phone etc.)

- Enhanced muscular coordination 

- Improved posture 

- Greater sense of well-being 


Sometimes it's far easier to convince yourself to stretch then workout. And you can reap many of the same benefits. Often after you're done stretching, you're ready for a workout. Double win! I tell sooooo many people that if you don't feel like getting on the mat, at least keep the 'appointment' with yourself and stretch. You're doing fabulous things for your body and actually aiding in getting results.


Working out technically 'stresses' your system, that's what it's supposed to do. But working out does not  cause the actual body change. Actual body change happens in the 'rest' periods. What is considered 'rest'? 


1. Actual Days Off - Doing NOTHING 1-2 times a week, depending on how much you're working out. 


2. Constructive Rest - Things you can still 'do' but are restful to your system: stretching, foam rolling, getting a gentle massage, Yin Yoga, a light walk (20 minutes or less), or Tai Chi.


3. Passive Rest - A relaxing bath with epsom salts and or essential oils for muscle recovery, steam room, sauna...even a mani/pedi. 


Stretching is NOT a throw away. It's a MUST in a balanced, well-rounded wellness and fitness program. If you skip the stretching, you skip the results.


Scientific research really is a mixed bag when it comes to stretching but the practical, experiened benefits really are astounding. Subscribers are shocked when I map them for more stretching that they get MORE results. I don't know about you, but I trust practical results.


What happens when you stretch

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