An M&K Story - Ft. Smith, AR

December 23, 2014

This M&K Story comes from a place of internal wellness and balance that is reflectied in the external, but is not at all about weight loss. M&K is all about body education. Working the body in a healthy, aligned manner that allows you to do what you love to do PAIN FREE for as long as possible. Whatever that may be; yard work, ballet, golf, carrying your kids..... it's all relative when it come to quality of life.


Marica Porter shares her M&K story, in her words, below.  

My life as a ballet dancer has included countless hours focused on good placement and proper alignment. During the last year, Tandy and M&K have helped guide me to a greater understanding of how absolutely vital those things are! I spent 3+ years with excruciating hip and low back pain, pinched nerves, and no idea medically what was causing it. A year ago, my back locked up completely, leaving me horizontal for 4 weeks (not okay for a dancer). My chiropractor discovered 2 degenerative discs and offered some relief through acupuncture and other treatments. Every week, I asked if he thought I might be able to dance again, his answer was always kind and always the same: “Do as much as you can for as long as you can”... That’s when I turned to Tandy for some help. I started getting on the mat but it was painful. There were days when it took 30 minutes just to do one exercise VERY slowly. Today, I sit happily at my desk, making final preparations to perform (yes, perform) the beloved role of Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker in just 10 short days. This performance would simply not be happening without the understanding of my body and the strength of my core muscles that have been gained through M&K. This strength and “almost perfect” alignment has not only allowed me to dance again, but has enabled me to dance at a very advanced level, doing steps and turns I was not able to do before. The most exciting part for me is that I have been blessed with the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to my ballet students. They have made astounding progress, allowing us as Instructor and Student to work together, fixing alignment problems some of them have had for years. The resulting improvement of their ballet technique has been such an amazing process to watch! Thank you Tandy!!!

Marica Porter 
Ft. Smith, AR



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