An M&K Story - Murfreesboro, TN

December 23, 2014

Busby Hight, in Murfreesburo, TN, only attended a Mat & Kitchen Live Event to support her friend and co-worker Kelly Blanchard, an M&K ambassador hosting her first event. She fully intended on canceling her M&K account after the event. Busby wasn't looking to change her health, to add pilates into her life or become an advocate for the M&K lifestyle. She particiapted in the M&K Live two hour event, tok a mat class and listened to my philosophy on food and my own personal wellness journey.  She heard things in the event that set off alarms in her head and she left the event to embark on a real clean up effort in herself inside and out.


Busby transitioned her food to M&K recipes, but didn't do the Reset, she choose things that sounded fun and simple to integrate into her life. She eliminated gluten from her diet in a simple, not extreme way and found her mood lightening, her mental clarity improving and her overall wellness improving. her intention was not to loose weight or 'get fit' but by being calm and making small consistant changes she felt were managable, that's what happend.

Busby attended my M&K Live event in July of 2014 and sent her #onthemat picture to me November 2014. 4 months after the M&K Food and getting on the mat with me. Happy, healthy, fit and toned #pymresults#thankfulthursday I love you Busby and am proud of you and the leaps of faith you made with M&K. 

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