An M&K Story - Sebastopol, CA

December 23, 2014



This M&K Story may be the nearest and dearest to my heart. 


The above pictures are what 58 days #onthemat looks like 4xs a week (30 min each), getting your body fully hydrated with half your body weight in ounces of water a day and completing the M&K 5 Day Food Reset. Jenna Canfield Gonzales opted 'in' for my 68 day Stretch Goal Challenge that I facilitated in the last two months. It was a way to motivate subscribers to not let the holidays derail them from their health and fitness commitments in 2014 and perhaps even reach their goals in the last weeks prior to 2015.

Simple. Intelligent. Calm and kind on yoru system, even in THE most difficult of times Jenna got #onthemat, stayed strong for herself, her M&K community and most importantly her family as she experienced her child passing in the midst of this challenge. She is an inspiration to everyone looking to make a positive impact on the world and find encouraging, supportive and healthy ways to get through the toughest of lifes experiences. 


Jenna, I truly do love you. Thank you for allowing me and M&K to be a part of your life. Your M&K community is thinking of you and sending you incredible amounts of love and support as your family processes your son's passing. 


This is Jenna's comment, in her own words, on her M&K experience. 

Pimp your mat is so much more than a workout website, it truly is a lifestyle that can lead to amazing changes very quickly. I discovered M&K when I had just had my fifth baby, yes not a typo I had five in nine years. My husband and I are very much in love haha. Anyway you can imagine that many children and the last two very close together I had gone through weight gain and weight loss many times and had found it difficult to lose weight at all while breastfeeding especially because I had some physical limitations such as plantar fasciitis which allowed me no running she used to be my form of exercise. I did the workouts a few times and found them difficult but inspiring.


However I did not keep up with it at first. My friend told me about the diet and the Stretch Goal Challenge of Tandy's that she has been doing and how toned and fit she was and how people noticed that she was really healthy and so when the next fall Challenge came, the events in my life  put me in that direction already and told me, Yes! Go for it! 


I joined the challenge and I got myself a calendar. Tandy said to consider doing the Reset and I was not ready to do it so I agreed to consider it and read it. About two weeks into the challenge I felt stronger and more fit and somehow up to the challenge of the possibility of doing the Reset. My weight loss goals were pretty lofty I wanted to lose about 30 pounds and fit into my old clothes from two babies ago. I was also very excited about becoming more aware of my eating choices and how they affected my personal digestive system. At first it was very difficult because I have a deep craving an addiction for sugar. I found many emotional blocks and difficulties with wanting to celebrate with food like I had in the past and not being able to which in the long run became extremely liberating because I realize that food was not the source of joy but the source of fuel and power and strength.


In turn, my relationships begin to get stronger because I was taking care of myself first and not just doing what other people were doing. People started noticing that I was losing weight and looking more fit.

I have always been an advocate of a slow weight loss especially during breastfeeding because I know that it can affect your milk supply and there is no fitness that is really worth a hungry baby. That being said the way it  worked, it did come off pretty quickly and I am still breastfeeding my 14 month old baby. Aside from the obvious weight loss, which I did reach ;) l I have developed much stronger inner strength coming from my core. I have muscle definition in places that I never have before but more importantly I have a sense of connection, comfort, community and body awareness that came from doing Pimp Your Mat exercises and the M&K Food Reset. Communicating online with the larger community was a huge assest and support system.  


I am so grateful to Tandy, for this newfound strength because near the end of the challenge I suddenly lost my oldest son. He died from a seizure in his sleep and it was totally unexpected. I remember the first day, in shock, my friends asking me what I wanted to do. I said I want to do my workout today. It seems crazy as your world falls down but it was a little lifeboat at that point.
That's all I can say now, but I am excited to enter my Second challenge and a continuing relationship with M&K.

Jenna Canfield Gonzales

Sebatopol, CA



January 2015!



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