An M&K Story - St. Louis, MO

December 23, 2014

This M&K Story is simply wonderful and what Mat & Kitchen is all about. This is what can happen in 6 weeks, 6xs a week #onthemat (ONLY 3 HOURS a week and an hour of that was stretching.) Small, accessible, consistent, seemingly unimportant changes that have big impact on the way you feel and recover from the inside out.


Here is Chris Mataya's M&K Story, in her own words.


'Many thanks for allowing me to participate in a 6 week session. I was skeptical, wondering how I could reach my goals of hamstring and core strength and increasing overall tone in 6 weeks by stretching. Admittedly, I WAS one to skip the stretches because they didn’t seem to be enough. How wrong I was! 
While my changes aren’t drastic in pictures, they’re obvious to me. Years of running caused hamstring, hip and IT band problems. I struggled to reach my toes with legs straight and even to flex my feet. Happily, I’m able to report that I can easily reach my toes in sitting or standing with legs straight because of the stretches you gave me. I no longer feel pain in my hamstrings when I flex my feet. In fact, I’m able to flex feet so bottom of foot is parallel to ceiling while lying on back! 

Following your advice to stretch and stick to your hand picked workouts was a welcome challenge. The same holds true for addressing foods and completing the Reset again for the third time. Sometimes it takes a while but I finally completed it correctly! It took 40 days and was well worth the time. Like many people, my diet is mostly clean. Sugar is my weakness. After biting the bullet and eliminating sugar for 40 days, I was amazed my sugar cravings disappeared and the difference in my stomach. While I’ve been working on core strength for a while, I would have never guessed excluding sugar could make such a difference. Another benefit from the Reset was that I lost 7 pounds and my weight stopped fluctuating with my cycles.

An unexpected surprise came in October. I play in a weekend warrior volleyball tournament every year. We have 9 or so games and are tired, sore and usually injured by the end of the weekend. This was the first time in 15 years I wasn’t sore in the slightest!! As my teammates were limping around with aching muscles and popping Advil, I was smiling to myself knowing PYM for the past 10 months was the difference. I never expected M&K to impact volleyball as much as it did, especially in neck, leg and shoulder strength and flexibility. I had absolutely no pain all weekend…unbelievable. 
Thank you again for being my coach and mentor. This truly was a wonderful learning experience. Your knowledge of how to achieve results along with clean eating is a winning combination!

Ever so grateful for all you do and how you inspire,

Chris Mataya
Saint Louis, MO

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