Post-Its as a Goal setting Tool

January 19, 2015


I get nothing from the 3M company. I just love Post Its. As a tool for goal setting, efficient organization they are a tactile treat!

Learning a new skill takes practice. Learning takes a transfer of info. It takes connection from want to actualization. 83% of our info is taken in VISUALLY even tho we have 5 senses. 11% is auditory, 3.5% olfactory , 1.5% touch and 1% taste.....So when it comes to fitness, we're seriously on the narrow side when it comes to how we process most of our info. Post it's are a great way to up the ante when it comes to re-programming our systems for fitness & wellness results. 


Post it's are merely the carrier for information that we want to implement. Life the chip to your guacamole. They can be the side show to the thing you want most, but necessary for the show. 

Here's where Post-it's win for me as a toll for achieving goals: 
1. Efficient - You have tiny spaces, you've got to pick your power words.
2. Bright - You can color code your senses to pay attention. 
3. Fun - It's hard to not be happy looking at these little patches of color.
4. Tactile - To fully learn something, mastery is often created best by the information going through all 5 of your senses. Writing on anything, Post It's or not, cover both the procprioceptive skill of writing and vision. <----as a pilates, functional movement coach, is the big win for me. 

Achieving any goal, take planning, motivation, inspiration and execution. You must be inspired, reminded and practiced via repetition in order to achieve. Post It's are a great, inexpensive way to do that. Many M&Kers are trying to lead a more balanced life, with many things to keep track in a day, week, month and year. We're all looking for ways to manage multiple levels of life with a joyful approach rather than drudgery and dred or that terrible word....... 'stress'.

I want to be intelligent in how I go about things. I want the maximum result with little wasted time or effort. After all, we know that an intelligent workout, balanced in body parts, ranges of motion and planes of movement can change a body. We don't need to waste hours on cardio or drive time to and from a gym. We create our own spaces and march to the beat of our own drummers to enjoy as much of life as we can. Wiriting it out, on fun little reminders can be just the thing to keep you on track, on schedule and on the wagon. 

I loved this article on note taking that I found here "There is something about ink and paper that prompts students to go beyond merely hearing and recording new information -- and instead to process and reframe information in their own words, with or without the aid of asterisks and checks and arrows." I have long been a learner that needs to see it, hear it, then write it down in my own words....then I can actually learn. 

Try one of my favorite Goal Setting assignments for subscribers and clients:

Write 3 CONSTRUCTIVE adjectives of what you LOVE and appreciate about your body if NOTHING about it were to ever change (and no, it can't be your 'eyes'). I.e. Balanced, healthy, mutable, capable etc. 

Then write 3 CONSTRUCTIVE adjectives of what you want your body to BE. i.e. fit, muscular, strong, flexible etc. 

Put these on Post it's all over your life in places you will 'discover' them (in coat pockets, inside wallets, in the visor of your car). Stick 'em on the expected paces like the bathroom mirror, fridge, inside your pantry cabinet. Let your Jimminy Cricket voice actually speak to you when and were you need it! 

You must honor what you have but you need to program your head for where you are going. Repetition in what you program your thoughts with make a HUGE impact. Change occurs not only on the mat in your workouts and in the kitchen with your food but in how you think about things. 
If most of our info is being processed VISUALLY (remember it's 83% of our info intake)........ if we're NOT using these techniques we're missing out on success. 

Post it's were originally created by mistake. They have come to take up residency in our day to day lives. I'm suggesting you make the most of these bright pieces of paper sunshine to inspire, motivate and support you on your way to fitness & wellness goals. Let this paper trail lead to your #lifebydesign. And remember that something wonderful was created out of a major mistake. You can read the history here.


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