M&K Before & Afters, So Much More than a Pic.

January 22, 2015


Today's #thankfulthursday testimonial is from an incredible momma, Mat & Kitchen subscriber and now someone I consider a friend. She is absolutely a testimony to motherhood on your own terms and having #noexcuses. We can allllll rack up the legitimate excuses to not care for ourselves and our bodies. But how many of us work with, past and perhaps even through them? 


I teach strength and connection from your core. That's a sentiment that reaches so much farther than the mat. I teach wroking with what you got. Good, bad, dirty, messy, disfunctional, chaotic, prim, proper, neat or tidy. Take it all to the mat and you've got a place to manifest your best self from the inside out. 


M&K is not all about a 'before & after' picture. Truth is I avoided sharing these pictures for so very long because tho a picture is worth a thousand words, your internal health is so much more than pixels. I educate. I teach wellness. I teach it through awareness of self from the inside out, intelligent and efficient food and workouts.


But let's be honest, we 'get' what a picture 'says'. We process 83% percent of info via our VISION. So, it proves to reason that in order to share a health & wellness practice (M&K) you might need and want to see what people can accomplish with M&K.


Pictures are a wonderful way to celebrate and embrace YOURSELF. Changes in a body are subtle and not immediate when done in a healthy way. Pilates is a sneaky, ninja like format that because it's not super sweaty and only 30 minutes, you 'think' it's not doing much. I encourage subscribers to take pictures in order to see the actual progress they have made. Often there have been far more changes than they thought. We are a culture of body dismorphic perspectives. These are real pictures, from real people, unfiltered, un-touched and celebrations of self. PYM before and afters honor wellness from #theinsideout. They encourage pride in a healthy, cared and tended body. 


When you dig into M&K and stick around long enough, you know I'm about balance and healing and allowing your outer body to reflect whats happening in the 'inner' realm. This post is in celebration of Chrystal Porter, in her own words, in her own pix. Chrystal is today's wonderful, real, M&K Story.


"My M&K journey. I use the term "journey" because "story" has a beginning a middle and an end and this is an experience the will not end for me. I came across M&K January of 2014 from a neighbor. I was very hesitant to try as I was very into weight training and cardio, to be honest I felt like pilates was for women who wanted to "feel" like they were actually working out. Lol. I tried because I got a two week trial and had nothing to loose. As I did the workouts I found that my strength was not as good and that these core workouts kinda kicked my butt! I started to read into more on the food as well and fell in love with the theory. I also loved the fact that when I was on the mat I was breathing, listening and connecting. It was a quiet place in my busy life with 4 sons and a stressful career as an RN. It was my peace. Unfortunately my husband, who I had been with since I was 13, lost his battle with depression on June 3, 2014. My world came to a halt. I was blinded by noise if people constantly calling, visiting, ringing my phone and my doorbell. I went into overdrive and ran until I couldn't feel my legs. I tore myself down to nothing so I didn't have a chance to think. Then in October I hit the bottom. I was physically exhausted. I was mentally drained. I had no center. My peace was gone. Then I remembered M&K. I started to get on the mat again. This time not for physical fitness but for mental fitness.  Now when I wake up in the morning and get in the mat, I breath, I connect. I sit in my pain, as hard as it is, I  let it pass through me with each breath. Do I cry during my mat time? Almost everyday, but when I am finished I feel whole and connected. My body has responded as well, with strength and stability. Being fit isn't just an outward appearance. To be fit is a balance, mentally and physically. I use the techniques all day, I tuck my belly up and in and I knit across the ribs every chance I get! I don't really have a before and after picture as I am unable to show you how at peace I am on the inside. However I do have a current core picture that is a direct result of breathing and using my core! Thank you Tandy!!!!!  M&K inside and out!!!!"


-Chrystal Porter

Littleton, CO












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