Breakfast Life Hack

January 28, 2015

 I'm big on breakfast. I do think you should be fueling with SOMETHING in the a.m. (hence the term 'break fast') from the night before to keep you fueled, hormone balanced, metabolically charged and preventing you from making super poor decisions once you're starving and in meltdown, insulin crash mode.


Here's one of my 'tricks' or as we say these days 'life hacks'- take your run of the mill, inexpensive rice cooker and at some point in the week (the night before, on your batch cooking day, or right before you jump in the shower in the morning) fill it with non-gluten grains (buckwheat groats, millet grits, rice, quinoa or millet etc.) add water and in 30 minutes you have a batch of warm 'cereal'.


I tend to set mine prior to showering, so when I'm out and dressed and have my boys (Milo and Sam 7 & 3) dressed and in the kitchen....breakfast is cooked! 

The evening before I set out:
- 1 sweet mixer -pure maple syrup, coconut butter or raw honey- they're actually good for you with real elements the body needs and they make the boys happy with sweet;)

- 1 'protein' mixer - nuts or seeds. Although My belly won't tolerate them, my kids do just fine with them (pumpkin, sunflower, chia seeds, almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts pecans etc. all raw unsalted. roasted or toasted.)

- 1 dried fruit mixer - rasins, golden berries, goji berries, mulberries, dragonfruit etc.

- 1 'other' mixer - typically raw cocoa nibs and sometimes an organic chocolate chip.

Of course you can add fresh fruit! But these are great in a pinch, in the winter or if fresh organics are sparse in your area, healthy choices that fuel in a solid way with great shelf life (literally). It's a super fun way for my kids to choose what they want in their bowl.


The remaining non-gluten grains go in a tupperware, in the fridge, for the reset of the week (2 cups for my boys lasts ALL week for breakfast). It's a grab and go, super low maintenance, healthy and easy prep and clean up. 

I even 'pre set' their bowls and spoons the night before so there is less scramble in the a.m.


I am NOT by nature a morning person. I am now one out of design. But I HATE the feeling of being frantic or rushed in the a.m. and I want to make sure there is plenty of time for them to eat prior to school. 

Real food can be simple. It can be easy and it can be quick. It just takes practice. Are you willing to practice with me #inthekitchen? #itsapractice #practicedontpanic


You can always find more healthy recipes and clean gut food choices as a subscriber on the Food Page of





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