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February 19, 2015


I get asked about traveling and eating clean, gluten free, dairy free, nightshade free, grain and nut free ALL THE TIME.  Basically, you have to navigate appropriately and best you can depending on where you are traveling and your accommodations. Pack food when needed, take your travel containers and with ZERO weirdness or apologies pull out the food you packed whenever and wherever you need to. I mostly live my life this way out of need (so many foods no longer work for me) and I have NEVER had anyone say anything derogatory to me about it.  


It all depends on how you handle it, the energy you put towards it  and how you approach it. 'I'm working with a coach for 31 days to crack my own food code.' 'I'm trying something new this month....seeing how it goes....' Don't get caught up into explaining PYM, elimination, restriction or food sensitives. Keep it as yours. Keep it simple. 


I travel often. I'm an 'old pro' at it. You'll need to do some research and planning. Pack what you can. I have NEVER had them take anything away from me at the airport and you can flat out tell them you have food allergies and cannot eat anything in the airport (they're not going to ask you for proof), order and ship things to your hotel if you need and talk to restaurants prior to see how you need to navigate them. If you can adjust your travel itinerary to grocery shop when you arrive, do that. I do and I try to always stay somewhere that has a kitchenette.


You can also legally request a refrigerator in your room if it's not offered. Tell them you have medication that requires refrigeration. A trick passed along from a friend who's kids have Celiac.


Stick to the components  of clean,  M&K Reset eating best you can. Here's how I typically do it. 


Breakfast: Fruit and greens (every hotel that has a continental breakfast has a banana and an apple and Starbucks always has an apple, blueberry 'packets' and typically a fruit cup. Simple try to eat the components of your smoothie....just not blended. And if you've added eggs back're good to go there. You could also pack dates (3 per morning WITH other foods, fruits) as they won't go bad. 


Lunch : Salads. You can do a green salad with raw veggies nearly anywhere even if it's iceberg lettuce and carrots. Ditch the cheese, ditch the dressing (grab some lemons) and if you need to supplement with CANNED wild caught can (these are what I stash in my carry one and in my bag at all times.) : salmon, sardines, anchovies, tuna. This is my go to. My brand of choice is Wild Planet Foods


Depending on where you are traveling, snacking can get tricky depending on where you are traveling. Can you get pre-cut raw veggies. If you're at a hotel with a restaurant, room service, just call and tell them you have food allergies and need raw veggies etc how can they help? I also pack all my teas (because tea in general is laden with crap) and I pack an entire jar of coconut butter in my checked luggage as well as coconut butter packets from Amazon


You can also pack nori or seaweed........or clean plantain chips (Trader Joe's carries them, whole foods carries them or you can order.)  There are a lot of clean potato chip options out there now as well that are organic and or cooked in coconut or avocado oil with only sea salt, of my favorite pink salt. 


I always pack my lunch in travel containers for the first day. I carry an empty water bottle in my carry-on and fill it up on the other side of security. 


Dinners are trickier. I know. This is where you want to do recon on the menu. Call ahead, tell them you have food allergies and be clear what you NEED. Not want. Tip well and be kind, they will help. Try to keep with wild caught or grass fed proteins, tons of greens and veggies. IF you can't get clean animal proteins do the best you can to have them cook things in olive oil or no oil, get salads with no dressing and ask for veggies sauteed (steam is ok but in general a complete waste as all taste AND nutrients have been steamed OUT of them).  Cover your bases. Make sure to ask what things are cooked in etc and keep the seasoning OFF unless they can tell you clearly what it is. If it's form a mix in container, stay away. You all are working too hard and put fab time in to whammy yourselves. 


Remember that food is fuel. Gathering with people work and social are about the people and the experience not the food. If you don't feel weird about it, others won't either. But it does take practice. You do need to eat and you need to do the best you can in a situation. Do the best level you can. That's all anyone can ever ask.  


And just as a game at the end, take a tally of how many veggies you did NOT come in contact with while traveling and how absent of nutrients most food 'on the road' is :( You'll be CRAVING them before you get home. 


You can also workout on the road with me at 


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