Are You Willing to Try Something New?

June 2, 2015

I never like to start on a odd or pessimistic foot this but as my PYM Live Event travel season comes to a close this month I'm reflecting on what I've learned in my 25 events in 2 years. The main thought I'm having today is the overwhelmingly unexpected amount of people that tell me how they'd actually love to have health issues, like I do (IBS, Celiac, Thyroid disfunction that resulted in a thyroidectomy), that force them into better eating habits. Um, yea, well, there is a lot to dive into in that statement but passing by the awkwardness of it I really often want to flat out say YOU DO!! Or you will. If you don't clean up a certain amount of what's you're eating you are headed for health issues later on.


Clean, whole, real food is healthcare prevention. Either participate in your wellness now or participate in your medical bills later.


We are all dying. The moment we are born we are dying. What's your life worth to you? What is your experience of life worth? What is your level of joy and your capacity to give to those you love worth? I'm more than sure it's worth getting #onthemat and #inthekitchen with PYM. I know it's worth transitioning to healthier, cleaner foods. A healthy lifetyle is not about willpower. It's not about deprivation, it's not about gimmicks, supplements or only 30, 60 or 90 days. True fitness & wellness is about your life.

It's about the quality of your life. It's about how amazing you are willing to let your life be by trading for some new habits and learning how to make it simple and fun. PYM is a fitness + wellness adventure! Are you game? Cause I'm betting you already feel less than what you know or think you can. And far less than you even know possible. I didn't know how crappy I felt for years until I started feeling fabulous and that only started once I seriously focused on food. The fuel of our life. The quality of it and truly started educating and knowing that we are what we eat. Simple. To think we are seperate from what we are ingesting on a daily level is sad.


Let me teach you how to feel amazing every damn day. Because we really never know how many we have and you have every power in the world to change things. You can do it slowly. A wonderful weaning process, like peeling an onion layer by layer. Do it now.


The goal is not perfection it's proficiency. #betterisbetter 


Health and fitness doesn't happen over night. It's a process. It's a lifestyle and it takes practice. I'm here to coach you. Use me. Use PYM. Don't go it alone and make it FUN! Most people don't have access to the level of coach I am. You do. Every day via social media. It's not a gimmick. It's not simple but it's intelligent. It's efficient and you'll never look at fitness + food the same way again. 




#wintheday #inthekitchen #fitfuel #youarewhatyoueat  #lessisthenewmore #practicedontpanic #itsapracticenotaperfect 



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