Loco for Coco........nut Water

June 17, 2015


I get asked more often than not what coconut water is safe/clean to use. My gut is cray-cray sensitive so I keep my gut on the cleanest nutrients possible I don't expect everyone to eat what I eat or the way that I do. Just know, that if I'm personally ingesting it, it's as clean as it gets...within the reasonable confines of modern daily life. So yes, sometimes I eat things out of a bottle, box or package, but when I do, I've done my research and the only thing in it, is the thing in it. 


I don't eat or drink any artificial flavoring, 'natural' flavors, inulin, carageenen, gluten, nuts, seeds, dairy or non-grassfed or wild caught meat. It's simply how I roll. So if I dig it, it's safe for you. 


Mat & Kitchen Food has a lot of coconut products in general; butter, oil, fresh pieces, milk and of course the water. My M&K smoothies are one of the first things I ween people onto when they approach healthy living. Why? Because they are simple, fun and carry a lot of bang for the nutrient buck. However, life all foods nowdays there are wonderful brands and crappy ones filled with 'extra' junk your body not only does not need, can respond very poorly to.  Especially when you're making all the effort to get and live a healthy life the last thing you need is a whammy in the coconut department that's packed with chemical, unclean or hormone displacing ick. 


The best thing to drink is coconut water straight from a cracked coconut. But depending on where you live, that may not be accessible.


These are all clean. Only coconut water in them. No additives, no natural flavoring or artificial flavors ....not even asorbic acid. 


- Amy and Brian Natural Coconut Juice 

- C20

- Blue Monkey

- Harmless Harvest 

- Harvest Bay


Three of these brands are always accessible via Amazon: Amy and Brian's, C20 and Blue Monkey.


You can order Harmless Harvest via Amazon but it's super expensive because it has to be refridgerated. This is my favorite brand because it's as close to cracking open a coconut as you can get without the cracking. It's just not always available in all areas and Harvest bay seems to only be available in the smaller portions on Amazon. 


Check your local stores and if you have a Whole Foods near you, they carry all three of these.


So drink up ! Slurp up the amazing hydrating electrolytes + the fabulously alkalizing nectar for wellness from the inside out minus the icky junk that does long term damage.  






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