For the Love of God, THROW OUT YOUR SCALES!

June 18, 2015






Over and over in my 15 years in the fitness industry have I tried to explain and urge the clients and fans to THROW OUT YOUR SCALES!

Here's why:

1. Without sounding too crass, if you're overweight, you know it. Tracking that scale is not going to change it.

2. Watching the scale so intensely generate cortisol and other stress hormones and those stress hormones directly affect change, results and positive progress in an adverse way. They KEEP YOU FROM loosing weight.

3. Muscle is more dense than fat. This is he one that never makes sense to people. Your entire body composition/shape may change and hat scale might not budge. In fact, the more fit I am, on my frame, the more I weigh. Another reason why no one ever believes how much I weigh. Which is meaningless. lean does not always equal low weight. 

4. Wasting those precious minutes generating emotions on that scale are minutes you could be doing something lovely and proactive for your happiness, heath and wellbeing..... Like hugging your kids, making a smoothie, drinking lemon water, doing a simple stretch to calm your nervous system, these thins create serotonin (the happy hormone) and bring you steps closer to results and a life you enjoy living. 


That scale is just a number. You and your fitness are not a number. WEllness is not a number. It's a feeling. Ditch the guilt, deprivation & spinning wheels. Start doing rather than tracking. 

Focus on how you feel. What can your body do? What do you want it to be capable of? are you wiped out at the end (or sooner) of your day? Do you wake up ready for what awaits or crawling from the covers?  WHen you shift your focus and build on the good, results follow. 


Now go make more space on that bathroom floor and ditch that scale!


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