Eliza Ordway; Took a change on the Superhero Challenge and earned her #superherostatus

June 25, 2015


Eliza Ordway is a brand new M&K Ambassador as of this week so it's the perfect time to share her story, in her words, as to why she wants to hop on the ambassador bandwagon and share M&K with her community. She's the 'typical' story of trying EVERYTHING for years and struggling with her weight and fitness until she got her #onthemat & #inthekitchen with me and templated a new lifestyle, rather than just a diet. Eliza’s stats, in her words, after 35 days of M&K and participating in the Superhero Challenge and the Food Reset.


Eliza's short story is; 18 lbs lost + over 20 inches gone from my body. She isheadache free, heartburn free, and itches less (eczema). Eliza's energy levels are higher and she is far more confident. 


Her full story is below. 


“My life is pretty normal and chaotic.  I live in a very rural area in Western New York with very limited natural food options, and a family that isn’t necessarily ready to eat fresh.  We are working on that. As the food preparer in the house the kids and husband will begin to adjust to a clean eating lifestyle. 


I have been struggling with my weight and my obsession with food for years….YEARS!  I have been done, WW, Atkins, South Beach, Advocare you name it I have tried it (or it at least seems that way) with varied results but they always ended up back at the same place overweight, unhappy and obsessing about food. 


A great friend of mine had told me about M&K and I signed up for a free trial in December 2015 and didn’t even do one work out.  Very disappointing I know, I had all the excuses; illness, job stress…blah, blah, blah.  The “gym” and cardio machines were my friend I thought!  I reached a personal low in April 2015 when I topped the scales at 200 lbs, at 5ft tall. 


I saw the Superhero Challenge and thought I really need to do this.  So I jumped in with both feet, I joined the private Facebook group and I decided to do the Food Reset.  Let me tell you the food reset is not for the faint of heart, leaving sugar and caffeine behind were really hard for the first couple days but the incredible thing is after a few days you don’t miss them at all.  The food is good and batch cooking helps keep you in food, the menu is great because it takes the guess work out of it.  There will be questions for sure but there are enough people and Tandy to keep you on the right path, daily.


M&K has great workouts that make me remember there are muscles under the soft exterior……. that I am still working to get rid of.  I started doing 2 days on the mat, 1 day off and now I do 3 days on the mat, 1 day off; I workout #onthemat 5 to 6 times a week with M&K.   I am working on rebuilding myself from the inside out and I do have to remind myself that it isn’t going to happen overnight. 


To quote Tandy “it doesn’t have to be big to be good” my external changes are going to take longer than others to be visible.   I can feel it in my energy, my mood and my clothes fit better than they have and I am feeling better every day. 


I have taken 6 total Advil in 28 days I used to take at least 2 a day.  My body doesn’t ache like it used to and my headaches are gone.  My overall wellbeing is much better.  I am adjusting my life to the new found freedom.  I am looking forward to sharing my 60 day photos and my 120 day photos with more excitement. 


This is not a diet, or a quick fix this is a new way of life with great delicious fresh fuel for your body and 30 minute workouts for your busy daily life.  I am looking at food differently in the sense that it isn’t used for enjoyment, entertainment or reward.  Food is fuel for your mind, body, and spirit and it shouldn’t be looked at otherwise.  Calories don’t need to be counted, weighed or measured; your body knows what it needs!


Thanks for the opportunity to share my story I look forward to sharing my continued progress on this journey.  Thanks to Tandy and M&K for sharing your passion and vision with those of us who need guidance."



-Eliza Ordway

Andover, NY


#wintheday #inthekitchen #lessisthenewmore #practicedontpanic #itsapracticenotaperfect #fromtheinsideout #keepitreal #onthemat #intelligentfitness




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