Stacey King, Found her #superherostatus after 60 days on Mat & Kitchen (formerly PYM)

June 25, 2015


These are the kinds of unsolicited emails and stories that I live for. Because the work of a healthy & fit life means that someones life is drastically improved from #theinsideout. Yes, we love before and after pix and yes we LOVE for our bodies to be stronger and tighter but, for me, it truly is about the joy and energy that just spills our of a healthy body. It's warm and vibrant and yes LOVING and it changes your complete quality of living, every damn day.  Please read Stacy's story in her own words. #thankfulthursday celebrates those who have reach significant milestones in their wellness journey. There is never an 'arrival' but there are certainly peaks and accomplished goals. BRAVO STACEY! You were ready to change and ready to release old habits and ready to thrive. I couldn't be more proud of you.


"I have a very long story which I have sat down several times to try to write to you in a concise way, but it just isn't happening yet. This is the best I can do for now. You are probably one of the few people on earth who would be interested in all of the autoimmune / food / body issues I have had over the years, so maybe I'll get to sharing the details with you sometime in the future. The shortest possible version of my story is that a series of very mysterious childhood illnesses starting at age 8 left me partially blind in one eye. While they were busy testing around for a diagnosis, I came up with a positive test for Lupus, but not enough symptoms to warrant an official diagnosis (I have three, they 'require' four). Enter puberty and twenty years of battling weight gain, hormone trouble (acne, thyroid stuff, etc), sleeping trouble, mood trouble, and frightening memory and coordination trouble in very recent years since having my children. It is ALL lessening and/or disappearing. In two months. All from embarking on your brilliant Reset and trying to heal my back with your very kind-on-the-body workouts.

I have not spent the last 20 years idly waiting for change. I have constantly been working on this body I was given: I have tried vegan, vegetarian, raw, my own under-informed version of Paleo (it was too low carb and left me feeling crappy), only whole grains, counting calories, low fat, simple moderation, etc, etc. Over the years, I got into aerobics, martial arts, running, yoga, swimming, hiking, rock climbing and cycling. I have been trying, in vain, to unlock the puzzle of my body for so long, I barely remember where it all started. I just knew I didn't feel great and wanted to feel better. I have always been 'stuck' at the very upper end of the BMI range. I realize that BMI is not everything, but I have to admit that I feel better when my body isn't so heavy. I am 5'4" and since I love to exercise and be active, it just feels crappy to carry around extra weight all the time. I have spent much of my adult life feeling vaguely sick and not being able to understand why or how to fix it. I have known that food is a big deal but could never narrow down exactly what was causing my troubles. I couldn't understand how I could work SO HARD and have a body that still felt so ridiculously uncomfortable and didn't externally reflect all of my efforts. As I've gone through three pregnancies in five years, and have felt my hormones start to shift closer to middle age, it all started getting worse, and my efforts produced fewer and fewer results. I kept pushing myself harder and harder. Then I hurt my back when my body said "enough!"

Now here I am, a quick two months after joining M&K. I finally see that for me it comes down to hormones and certain things were throwing mine way off. I am more sensitive to foods than I ever realized. I completed your food Reset in 40 days, and learned that I cannot tolerate egg whites, chocolate, most dairy, or ANY grains. All of these surprised me, especially the grains, and there have been a few teary moments as I've said goodbye to foods. The flip side is that I have lost 18 pounds and feel fantastic! I started M&K as a pretty snug size 10 in jeans and am now very comfortably, with almost no muffin top, in a size 8. I weigh less than I did the day I got married. I weigh less than I did when I ran a marathon. I am not far from my lowest weight in my entire adult life! The cellulite I have had on the backs of my legs since I was EIGHT YEARS OLD (hello, hormones! that was when puberty started...) has almost entirely disappeared. Yet I feel SO much healthier than I did when I was at my lowest weight in my early 20s. I have NOT been hungry, starving myself, or depriving myself in ANY way. I am freed from the tyranny of counting, weighing and measuring. I no longer miss the food that was making me feel so crappy. It is hard to long for something that was making my life harder. Now that I've been eating this way for two months, it feels like I'm not even trying! I am full of energy. I am calmer. I don't have cravings. PMS symptoms have almost entirely disappeared. I feel so much more connected in my core and able to do other workouts with better form and overall strength. My back stopped hurting, most of the time. The pretty severe abdominal separation I experienced from three 8lb babies is finally showing signs of knitting back together! Nothing else I've tried has gotten the separation to close, even a little, and I have tried a LOT. Just this morning I went to a HIIT class that I haven't been to in about three weeks. (The same things that kept me from this email interrupted pretty much everything in my life.) Some of my friends there were completely blown away with how different I look and wanted to know what on earth I've been doing. (I cannot describe the shock on their faces were when I was like, "I've barely exercised in a month. It's almost all from changing what I'm eating.") Since it's only been two months, I am excited to see what my body does over the long-term. Your tagline is ABSOLUTELY true. I have found my balance and now my body is just catching up with itself.

The point of all of this is really just to share with you my intense gratitude. While I realize that I did do the "work" of putting myself on the Reset and getting on the mat when I could, I could NOT have done this without your knowledge and guidance. The proof in that statement is from the decades I had spent trying to "fix" whatever was going on with my body, without seeing the changes that made logical sense. You have put your knowledge and experience out there for a VERY affordable amount, and made yourself highly accessible for questions and advice. Signing up for the Superhero challenge was the best thing I could have done for myself. I am forever changed, and eternally grateful."


Stacey King

Santa Rosa, CA 




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