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June 29, 2015

Probiotics are all the rage lately. Balancing your  gut flora and getting you back to a good gut is now the name of the wellness game. For good reason. We've led lives laden with processed foods, chemical pesticides and lord knows what else in our GMO foods and antibiotics, OTCs and prescription meds. Our internal systems have taken a hit and had a ton of our good gut bacteria (probiotics) killed off. Which leaves us at our non optimal health. 


Yes, you need to hop on the organic bandwagon. Yes, you need to eat more whole foods straight from the earth to thrive and reap fitness results. No, you don't have to be perfect, vegan, paleo or get certified in nutrition to get better. And yes, along with whole real, chemical free foods you need to take a probiotic. 


Typically I am NOT a fan of any supplement. Vitamin, shake, protein, whey etc. But when it comes to a probiotic it's a pretty hefty battle to wage in order to straighten out what's happening in our gut to get the flora just right. 


Probiotics are the good gut bacteria. In your belly, you want a balance of the good and bad. The forces of good and evil need to be juuuuuuust about even in your gut. Too much bad and well, you get leaky gut, gas, bloating, poor nutrient absorption bowel movement disasters.  Too much good and're still out of balance. Balance is key. Balance is the heart of PYM and this is no different. 


Check out the very first #tiptuesday mini vid I did on probiotics....when Mat & Kitchen was still Pimp Your Mat. 



You CAN get wonderful probiotics from foods and you always want to start that route and see how your body responds. For some of us tho, the wonderful fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha and kimchi don't go so well......the fermentation can generate some bloating ick unhappiness of it's own in our extra sensitive systems (I have IBS, Celiac and had my thyroid removed years ago) OR your system just needs much more balancing than you can eat your way towards in a decent amount of time. This is the one time where a quicker #lifehack is useful and good. 


Probiotics are fascinating. Because we're each our own fabulous biosphere, you need to find a probiotic that fits with your personal system. How do you know if your's fits your system? take it for 3-4 you feel 'zippy' 'bolstered' or just plain 'good'. 

If you are just starting a probiotic of any kind you may have a couple of days of bloating and gas when you take them as they balance out the bad. However, if past day 4 you still feel bloated and icky, drop it and try another. 


Here are the Four probiotics my family and I have taken or take. These are all solid resources and ok on sensitive bellies. (Lord knows if it fits for my'll work for yours). 

I get nothing for recommending these. Subscribers and fans ask constantly, so here are the resources I recommend. All gluten, corn and soy free. 


- VSL3 - 2 capsules a day -  This one is great for an IBS belly. I've tried other things and I always come back to this one and the next.


-Jarrow - 1 capsule a day - I take this in combo with the VSL 3. It's not strong enough on it's own but the pairing is fab for me.


-Mindlynx - I used to take this and it feel good, but not great as the combo of the above (for me)


-Puradyme - My kids and husband take this one, 2 scoops a day for hubby, 1 scoop for Milo (8yo) and half a scoop for Sam (3yo) -



Here's the video I did talking about these particular probiotics.



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