Raw Honey, Sweet Treat Game Changer

July 6, 2015


I'm introducing you all to my new friend Chris Feuille. He's a chef and the founder of WBK. It was true serendipity that brought our two companies together via the Paleofx convention this year when an incredibly wonderful deep thinking, full life feeling, wellness living Sales Manager Darryl Cohen bestowed a simple coconut cookie on me to take home to share with my kiddos. 

That cookie was magic in a wrapper. Like back in the days when I gave my oldest a bakery bought gluten filled, sugar coated treat. Both of my boys eyes LITE UP. "MOMMA! This cookie is sooooo amazing!' And yes, my kids actually talk like this. I knew there was soemthing wonderful about  a store bought cookie that wasn't pumped with fake, inflammatory junk that was going to send my sensitive gut kids into a belly torture. They were moist and quite frankly my kids wouldn't shut up about them. 


Somewhere along the line WBK and PYM got to be friends and discovered that we were wonderfully like minded in our wellness approach. Being smart, but still having fun and enjoying life with balance. As we fleshed out more of the friendship I discovered it ran even deeper as to why we have the businesses that we do. WBK's founder Chris, went through his own wellness transition that took him on a route through food, just as mine did. I asked that he share his story for you to get to know him better......cause I know you're gonna love his sweet treats, but it's always much cooler, in my opinion to love the people the products and services come from as well. 

Belwo is his story, in his own words. 


"My wife Anna and I started WB Kitchen at the beginning of 2012.  I was having serious health problems in 2009 that forced me to change the way that I ate.  I had been to many different doctors and the hospital numerous times and they told me I was fine and they could not find anything abnormal.  They did all kinds of blood tests, imaging, x-rays, sonogram, etc and could not find anything wrong with my body.  It was very discouraging because I was in a tremendous amount of pain and no one knew why.  I eventually found a doctor that tested me for food allergies and other intestinal issues and he helped set me on a path to recovery and health.  At first I just quit gluten.  I felt great for a few months and then my symptoms came back.  So then I reluctantly agreed to quit eating grains and dairy.  This is when I really started to notice some major improvements in my health.  I did the GAPS intro diet and then slowly started incorporating meats and vegetables in my diet.  After I was used to them I started adding nuts, fruits, and some carb type foods.  Mainly carbs in the form of sweet potato and squashes.  The GAPS diet is similar to the Paleo diet but follows a protocol not just a do and do not eat list of foods.  I really found it helpful and have since done the GAPS intro 2 more times. 

Eating this new way forced us to cook all of our own meals and foods.  I started really experimenting with sweet stuff and honey in particular.  Honey is the only allowed sweetener on the GAPS diet.  Honey is digested more slowly than other sugars.  It allows for a source of energy that doesn’t create the typical spike/crash scenario that are typical of most other sweeteners.  When you combine some healthy fats (nuts, coconut oil) with honey it slows the release of energy down even more.  We were taking our creations to BBQ’s and social gatherings and people were really enjoying them.  They gave us the idea of trying to sell them.  So we did and have been doing so ever since.


We started in a very small commissary kitchen, then moved to a larger co packing/shared production space, and most recently moved into our own facility.  We have had to figure everything out along the way and we are still learning daily.  It is very challenging but also a lot of fun.  There is always something new to learn and problems to fix.  And then there are the growing pains which are tough in other ways.  You eventually get to the point, actually rather quickly, when you can no longer do everything on your own.  This is when you have to build a team of folks that share your vision and work well together.  You begin to create a community in which you all participate in daily.  A nice big extended family that comes with its own challenges. 

I guess what I am saying is that it eventually becomes a business.  It isn’t just about making a product anymore.  It is about creating a community in which we can all thrive and grow and share our wonderful products with a much larger audience.  That is our current goal.  We are working on scaling up our production so that we can enter new areas of the country and spread the word about our great tasting healthy snacks.  There is a lot of science and good intentions behind our recipes and products, which have always been and continue to be made by myself.  It is about providing a food product that we ourselves feel good about eating.  When we started this there was very few packaged products that we were able to or felt okay with buying and consuming.  That has changed over the past few years and we are very grateful to be a part of this healthy snack food movement that is erupting across the country. 


We have a few new products that we are going to be releasing this year so keep your eyes out!"


-Chris Feuille

Founder WBKitchen


Said original Coconut Cookies my kids are ballistic for:


This month WBKitchen is offering all PYMers 20% off any of their treats purchased on their site www.wbkitchen.com with the promo code: PYM20 till August 1st, 2015.  #treatyourself It's truly a mutual admiration society between PYM and WBK. They carry fabulous energy and love around what they do and I'm so happy to have connected with them and be able to introduce them to the PYM community. 


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