Spring Gouette's #onthemat & #inthekitchen Journey - A Health Turnaround

July 23, 2015


Spring Gouette has been a subscriber for 7 months and in that time made incredible wellness & fitness transitions. She shares her journey #onthemat & #inthekitchen in her own words, below.


"Sunday July 26th, 2015 will be my 7 month anniversary since "meeting" PYM.

Last December my friend Rebecca wanted to introduce me on FB to a friend of hers, that she thought I would hit it off with. I had no idea how different my life would be with Tandy in it! Not just a fellow musical-theater and natural health lover, but an amazing cheerleader and guide on the health quest I have been on for several years. 


I have a history of taking my health into my own hands, with lifestyle changes getting me off several meds, radically changing my eating lifestyle, balancing my hormones and feeling so much better. But I was at a place where what I was doing wasn't enough at this season of hitting my 40's, with a few years of prolonged stress, like job losses, adoption and other big life stuff.


As I got to know Tandy on FB, I was seeing her Christmas promo for gift certificates, and I begged my hubby for one for Christmas. I don't think he believed I would really want that as a gift LOL I asked over and over again, I just knew I needed to try it! He and my kids got me a subscription for a few months, and I worked out with Tandy for the first time on Dec 26. 


My goal was to get on my mat 10-15 minutes a day. I did it in my jeans, so that "having to change" would not stop me. After just a few weeks, I found myself finishing videos. I couldn't believe I never felt sore, and I was enjoying see what body could do on the mat. I joined my first challenge in Feb, but did not do the reset. I did read it, and I began to babystep in PYM recipes, working them into my menu, and also took up BATCH COOKING, which was a game changer to making eating better easier to pull off.


 By my second challenge in April, I was ready for the reset, but then realized with talking to Tandy that I really needed a longer healing plan for my gut, because of autoimmune issues, and shifted into a more strict version, the autoimmune paleo protocol, which I am still on. I also discovered (thanks to Tandy!) that I had an allergen (potato) in a BP med I was taking, and with my doctor's permission stopped that med (my BP is doing SUPER now without it!) and my body began to really calm down. I found my workout groove, and was reveling in my strength and energy, and getting better sleep, and feeling much more resilient emotionally.


This summer, more life stressors arrived, and my groove was gone, but all of my practice of batch cooking, being #inthekitchen, and #onthemat as best I could, kept me going. I'm often back to just 10-15 mins a day, but my body still continues to find it's new healthy normal, and I fit into my wedding dress again just after my 20th anniversary this summer! I am actually far stronger and more fit than I was back then, despite 3 babies, and 20 years of adult life, autoimmune health issues etc. Feels like my 40's will be the best years yet!


Some days I am flying high with my cape on. Other days I am reminding myself that 10 min on the mat will shift things for me, even if that's all I have, and just get-my-butt-on-that-mat! And there are days when Tandy has talked me off a cliff with my health/food issues, and I feel better just chatting with someone who really GETS it, and has walked this road herself, showing that it is doable. Not only is the exercise gentle, with astonishing shrink-wrap-results, her personal support is why I kept choosing to get #onthemat and #inthekitchen, even when I have a week where it feels too hard. I know my body so much better, I know what it needs, and I am enjoying what I can do. I had settled for what I figured was my middle-age weight, and just wanted strength and energy. Now I'm accidentally 20 lbs lighter, and some days I feel like I cheated to get here. It's the little choices every day, practicing the art of taking care of my body, that have me fitter at 41 than I was at 21! #itsaPRACTICEnotaPERFECT and #betterISbetter are my mantras. Tandy reminds me when I forget. 


Feeling very thankful on this Thursday!"


Spring Gouette

Auburn, ME



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