Amy Minor's First 30 Days #onthemat & #inthekitchen

August 6, 2015


Amy's testimonial is straight out of the 30 Day Superpower Challenge I just finished coahcing. Amy is not only a subscriber but a friend I've been connected to since college, new babies, moves to Austin and all kinds of career transitions for both of us. She is one of the best mommma's I know and it makes me unbelieveable happy and proud to see her taking care of herself in this way. Her joy, which is ever present anyhow, just seems to keep growing as she feels better and better from the inside out. 

This is Amy's Mat & Kitchen story, in her words, thus far. 

'The Superpower Challenge was so much fun and such a great introduction to pilates, eating clean, and just generally how Tandy's website and system works!! I highly, highly recommend it to EVERYONE. It's free and it takes such a ridiculously small amount of time. Seriously, there is no reason NOT to do this.

When I did the challenge I didn't really like pilates (mostly because I am a cardio junkie, and I just didn't understand pilates. I'm not sweating and almost throwing up... clearly this doesn't work) AND I really felt like the whole organic food stuff was kind of bull***t and a way for grocery stores to make more $$. 

But I watched a little video on the Facebook that talked about the chemicals and bad things we are putting in our KIDS systems by not eating organic, and I quickly changed my tune. I also decided that my health was affecting my job, love life, family, hobbies, and everything else, and I was SICK of feeling sick all the time. The superhero challenge was free and I could do the exercises anywhere on my phone, plus Tandy is awesome and I knew she'd be approachable with all my doubts/worries, so I really had no excuses.

I surprised myself by how easy it was to transition. I started the Reset on Day 5 and by Day 10 I was feeling better than I have ever felt in my life. Honestly, it wasn't even tempting for me to cheat or not do my workout because I felt so stinking good all the time. Why would I do anything to compromise that?! My kids took to the change in diet surprisingly well too. They love the morning juices and I made Popsicles from left-over smoothies which are a huge hit. They also did some of the workouts with me, did tramp time with me, and generally enjoyed Mommy's new energy and health... and cooking!

This is the change that I have been needing and craving for *years*. I can see my body changing every day to a healthier, stronger version and I LOVE it. My clothes fit better, I am no longer nodding off right after lunch but instead enjoying a very consistent level of energy throughout the day, I feel stronger, I am less moody, and I am soooo very grateful to have my beautiful friend Tandy (and her family) as a mentor on this fitness and lifestyle journey. 

I'm only at the 30 day mark. I am excited to see how much healthier I'll get in 60 days and 90 days and a year from now!!
-Amy Minor
Austin, TX




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