Healing Diastis Recti

September 2, 2015




I wrote and  posted a workout especially for healing diastis recti into the M&K video library March 24, 2014. It now lives in  a custom folder  called'On the Mat Mommas'. This folder is custom curated workouts that I give to pre and post natal mommas who reach out to me to let me know they need more guidnace as they navigate these magical times.  This workout is specifically for those dealing with diastis recti. It's a major healer! The feedback and success rate on this is turning out to be another specialty of M&K. This works when nothing else has for those suffering from this split in their abdominal muscles post natal. No matter how 'post' it's been. 

I'm happy to give subscribers this custom folder with  13 additional workouts you may not have access to, depending on when you got #onthemat. In order to see a custom folder sign in, click on 'MY ACCOUNT' then to the left you'll see hot pink folders with special titles. 


If you get 'On the Mat Mommas' you'll want to play with all of these workouts. They are a bit like maternity clothes that you work your way up and back through them pre and post natal. You can heal diastis recti no matter how long it's been since having your bubdle of joy. The amount of time it takes to heal it is incredibly varied and different depending on the person and when you start addressing the healing and re-knitting of the abdominal wall.


Add 'Lorin's Mat' to your weekly routine at least twice fa week for 3-4 weeks. Depending on how often you get #onthemat 2-4xs a week will heal. This is THE diastis recti workout but play with the others in the folder.  They all support the core with attention to momma issues.


When healing diastis recti you need to be hyper vigilant about your core contraction and finding ranges of motion for all body parts that keep the integrity of your core contraction (scooped up and in...not bulging out.)


i.e. if lowering or lifting your legs cause your core to 'pop' out it's too much and not a fit for your body to heal right now. Go small and play with range of motion so you can see what works for you. Truth is, this is the same for everyone #onthemat, not just diastis recti, but for those of you with the split in your abs you have more of a reason to pay close attention.  If your core is pooching or poking out, it can get worse, not better. 


Things to lookout for---- if your core/abdomen/belly completely pop UP or OUT when you curl your head up either put your head on the floor or try propping a yoga block under it for the exercise. There is no hard and fast rule here. Some of hose with diastis recti can lift their head and legs at the same time and do core work, it's a bit old school to say hard and fast not to. You feeling strong, safe and capacble is the most important part. If you feel you are gaining strength, you are. 


Plank puts the most strain on the core because you are working against gravity. Just make sure you're not feeling any pain or strain in your low back while doing them. If you're uncertain or are feeling pain modify your plank for a while, on the wall, off of a chair, all fours etc....you can build strength in a plank variation very safely. Your body may simply need more support for a little while it heals but pilates is the best format for diastis recti healing because it addresses anatomical alignment, pelvic floor and core strength in such specific ways. M&K workouts heal and strengthen all the muscles of a momma that are so taxed throughout pregnancy. 


Here is a link to the ball I use for propping in one of the Momma workouts, You may want just a basic stability ball as well as things progress.  


Email me at any point for guidance. Give yourself 3-4 week's with Lorin's Mat to see results. You may feel and see results sooner but it could take that long. Hang in there. You're in the right place on M&K for excellent care. 





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