Nightshades, Hello Again Old Friend

September 2, 2015


OH NIGHTSHADES! How happy I am to see you back on my plate! It's been over a year. I missed you sooooo so much!


Nightshade plants include tomoatoes, eggplants, sweet and spicy peppes and a long list of spices. These foods can cause digestive and health trouble for those of us with digestive issues and especially for those of us with autoimmune disorders. I had to stay away from them to allow my gut to heal and now find my body no longer responds with chronic fatigue after eating them.  #healingrocks


And did you know that fresh black pepper helps you absorb nutrients? And that pepper isn't really a pepper, or nightshade? It's a berry!


#paleo #aip #celiac #inthekitchen #breakfast #egglove2015 #eatwell #eatyourgreens #realfoodispretty #betterisbetter #glutenfree #celiac

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