Run with your Core

September 9, 2015


I hear this experience a lot. More than I'd like to and it honeslty makes me want to stand at every registration table for a 5k, half marathon or full marathon and give every single runner guest access to M&K. Everyone 'wants' to get fit and healthy and we are marketed to that the easiest way to do that is to tie up a pair of shoes and run out your door.  People register for a 5k to 'boost' their weight loss and health and end up with chronic injuries and gaining weight in the process.


Why? because the general public typically has no baseline of info for training smart, which includes cross training to support, strengthen and balance all the muscles ligaments and tendons that are so taxed while running. Running does not equal weightloss or health. In fact running the 'wrong' amount of time or with too much intensity will cause your hormones to prevent weightloss and even gain weight. (You can learn more aout this in my post HERE ). 


Running can be a glorious, healthy thing. I run. But like everything else in life being more educated about it brings much better results. By adding M&K to your life and creating a true cross training format, getting #onthemat makes everything better. Your running time improves, your VO2max increases, injurues decrease or simply go away, recovery time decreases and the positive results start to come in your body because you're respecting your system and tending to it in balanced way of building it up rather than breaking it down. I say RUN! But do it in a smart way. Run with with M&K. Read one subscribers experience, in her own words, of running than getting #onthemat with me. 


'Last year, I trained to run a 5k and stopped running shortly after I completed the race because of lower back pain & knee pain. I eventually went back to working out at the gym but was easily bored and couldn’t lose the weight I gained during training. My pain didn’t get worse, but it didn’t get much better so when I heard about the Superpower Challenge, I figured I’d give it a try - at least it would change up my routine.


After starting the challenge, I quickly learned how little my back was supported because I hadn't been focusing on my core. My IT band and hip flexors were extremely tight and I wasn’t stretching correctly or stretching enough - no wonder I was in constant pain. After a few days of the challenge, I could feel my core strengthening and noticed how much I slouched during the work day which also put unnecessary strain on my back.


The more I worked on my core the less I slouched and the more I did stretch videos, the better my knee felt. Small and smart adjustments from M&K in my routine made such a difference! Since the videos are online and only 30 minutes (quick & convenient!) it was easy to squeeze a workout into my schedule and then get back to the rest of my day. Tandy is a knowledgeable teacher, but is also personable, funny, and explains everything on a level I can understand. With her help, I’ve been able to accept myself on the mat where I am today – not yesterday, and not tomorrow.


Because of Tandy and M&K, I lost the weight I gained last year but more importantly, I feel awesome. And my biggest surprise from the challenge? I’m starting to my abs for the first time ever! 


Thank you, Tandy, for all that you do with M&K and for opening the door to a smarter, healthier lifestyle.




Ballwin, MO






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