Joy From the Inside Out

September 16, 2015

BreAnne McLane is just like you. She's busy, she's smart, she's got injuries and a list of legitimate reasons as to why changing her fitness and health isn't a priority or won't happen. Except, she took a leap of faith and registered for the M&K Superpower Challenge. 30 days of free coaching via email from me as well as free access my workouts and food on She decided to set her list of excuses aside and try. Bree decided to listen to me for 30 days and do the simple basics of getting #onthemat four times a week, getting hydrated and weaning into more whole, real foods from her own kitchen. By doing these simple things she, in her own words ' was given the loving control of your life back'. It's an honor to be a part of Bree's journey. Please witness her journey be reading her M&K experience in her own words below. Who knows, you may be the next one writing yours.


'I hope you can see in the after picture, although I could not see it until looking at them side-by-side when the Superpower Challenge was finished, a sense of joy. I felt really weak when I started and I think it shows in the 'before' picture.

I have had pretty consistent and very painful plantar fasciitis as well as a four year old pinched sciatic nerve. I was told I would need a several thousands-of-dollars surgery to "fix" my nerve. I have a constant numbness in my left leg and sometimes feel like it is on fire. After really committing to four days on the mat for the Superpower Challenge my plantar fasciitis has completely disappeared and I have so much more flexibility and less numbness in my left leg. I have every confidence that with more time on the mat I may never need that surgery!  But here is the real kicker, I feel like the real superpower has come in the form of a mental shift.


Now that I have seen the reality of the "before and after" I can come to terms with my genuine struggle with body dysmorphia. The person in the mirror has always looked to me like the physical picture of "before" no matter what I was doing. I've never had a scale in my home so that was no problem to avoid (Tandy asks that we throw them out during a challenge as they are not the true barometer of progress or health) but the mirror was more difficult (especially as an actor doing make-up for nine shows a week).


Just asking myself, to get out of my way, out of my list of excuses, to get #onthemat and genuinely #inthekitchen for the Superpower Challenge and ignore the usual "I still don't see anything different" has given me freedom.


By week three I was actually not aware of the mirrored image because I was so stoked on what I was achieving on the mat. I remember the real "a-ha" pride happen in that week when I could feel the lift of my bellybutton, holding of the ribs, and breathing just standing before the workout. The planks!!! Holy Moly Batman! I can feel my oblique’s and the muscles under the arms! The crazy thing I now understand is joy and strength from the inside out. I may not really "see" those muscles but I understand them because I connect with them inside! I may never be free from the mirror but I no longer look for something there to change. A mirror is a flat reflective surface that gives nothing back. My feelings of energy, happiness, and inner connection to strength and beauty have increased in my connection to other people. Around week four friends said they have noticed how peaceful and happy I am. I even have a friend now #onthemat because of the love I spoke of for my experience! They were also the first to make me aware of physical changes that I somehow had lost the "need" to see because I felt they were happening. I've been a vegetarian (who eats small amounts of dairy and eggs) for almost seven years now and I did not do the Reset. However, I took a lot of advice from the lists and recipes. Even tho the Reset is written with animal proteins I could see where I could tweak my nutrition by weaning more towards a whole foods, real food basis rather than relying on processed vegetarian 'replacements'. 


I adore my morning lemon water and have adopted a more consistent way of eating, morning smoothies, afternoon "salads" (thank you for helping me realize watermelon and avocado is a salad) and evening proteins like eggs over veggies and greens. 


I feel like I've rambled but when you feel like you've been given the loving control of your life back, there is so much to say!


I will never be able to thank you enough for your support and teaching me to break my own chains!'


- Bree

North Hollywood, CA






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