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September 18, 2015




Eggs are a staple in my house. I LOVE eggs! If you follow my Instagram feed you know that. They fulfill all the wonders of a super food; tons of nutrients like B2, B6, B12, vitamin D, selenium, zinc, iron, copper, A, E and K. They pack a punch for price, protein and healthy omega 3's (great for fat burning, metabolism boosting, brain fuel). REAL FAT = GOOD FOR YOUR RESULTS and eggs are a prime example of that. I've eaten two a day for the majority of my life. They keep hormones balanced, emotions stable, adrenals supported, fat burning and non-hangry for hours. 


You want the whole egg or just the yolk. It's totally 80's to only eat the whites, since that's where the bacteria lies and all the 'goods' are in the yolk. 


Eggs are a powerhouse of nutrition and would not be avoided or missed in your quest for fitness & wellness! I love them at any time of day and eat them most often as a quickie dinner for the family and I when I haven't done my due diligence with meal planning or our schedule takes on a life of it's own. They're quick to cook (especially when you know how and why...) and packed with nourishing & bolstering nutrients. 


To get the most goodness out of an egg, you're going to want to mess with them the least amount possible. The same goes for all foods, but eggs in particular. A raw egg is the best thing for you, but truly, how many of us are going to do that? This is why you see my eggs super runny in my pix.  Over easy, poached or soft-boiled is the best way to cook them. You loose nearly 50% of the nutrients when you scramble or hard boil them. Do I still eat scrambled eggs? Yes. Do my kids still love scrambled eggs. Yes.  Are their recipes in M&K #inthekitchen that are cooked and scrambled? Yes. I'm functional beyond all else and teach and live by the M&K philosophy #betterisbetter with care to life balance. Eating a fully cooked egg gets you 50% of those fabulous benefits and sometimes that's the best choice at a meal. 



As in all things M&K, quality matters. Not only do I know workouts are more effective when you have an educated trainer mapping them for you, the source and quality of your food makes a huge impact on what it can do for your body inside and out. Eggs are a prime example of this. 


I know budgets can be tight and in all honesty, I'm not the frugal coach. I'm the balance coach. I'm all about planning and spending where it's most important and maybe not doing other things in order to have the quality of food I want and need for me and my family. We made a choice in our house to transition to as much organic food as we have access to and to only do pasture raised eggs at home. 


I'm a huge advocate for pasture -raised chickens making my eggs, even if ithey are more costly. I know it's health care prevention. In the long run it makes a huge difference to the health of my family. Excellent quality food truly does improve life experiences day-to-day. 


Pasture raised, organic eggs contain the following:

  • 1/3 less cholesterol

  • 1/4 less saturated fat

  • 2/3 more vitamin A

  • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids

  • 3 times more vitamin E

  • 7 times more beta carotene

If you can get farm fresh eggs or have your own back-yard chickens HOORAY! If you're like I am and are still buying your eggs at the store (a girl can dream of back-yard chickens) the most widely distributed pasture raised eggs are from Vital Farms (I get nothing from them, I simply love them and they are a super cool Austin, TX based company just like Mat & Kitchen is). Plus they are starting to be distributed by not only Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Central Market but now some Costco's. I love that they do an excellent job educating what makes a healthy egg via social media on top of creating a great egg. 


Here are a couple of great links to further explain:


What the difference in egg labels are HERE

Additional research and info on why eggs are great for us from a wellness perspective, with scientific resources  HERE


Remember: all M&K subscribers get access to over 300 gluten & dairy free recipes that include plenty of gorgeous eggs!


#inthekitchen #egglove #betterisbetter

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