It's About What You Do. Not What You Say.

October 25, 2015



Mari Trigg is one of those subscribers who was completely silent through the entire 30 day Superpower Challenge. Not a peep on the fan page. Not a comment or post in our private Facebook Group for participants. She had never been #onthemat with me before this challenge and I didn't chat with her until she sent her after photos.  


Every Mat and Kitchen challenge has a different focus, core, food, full body workout, time management, lifestyle habits (sleeping better, hydration etc). No matter what the topic of my challenges the outcome is always the same, people empowered with education and functional tactics on how to get them to their better. #betterisbetter fitness & wellness actually isn't about airbrushed 6 packs and unachievable thigh gaps. Fitness & wellness success is about how you feel, what is your body capable of doing, can you get through your day with joy rather than snapping everyone's head off and wishing to hide under the covers (I've spent periods of my life in BOTH categories).


Wellness and fitness results are about being better tomorrow than you were today or better this year than last. There is no perfection. There are only small, consistent steps towards your goals. A healthy life is practice, ups, downs and better. M&K is a practice. The more you do it, the more proficient at is you get.  Let me teach you how better works in a calm, kind, educated and intelligent way that can be fun and sneaky rather than take over your days counting calories and sweating till you want to puke.  


Mari allowed me to be her teacher. She did as I suggested in a calm and consistent way and got to 'better' in 30 days. She a women of few words that understand it's not about what you say, but what you do.'The challenge helped my core for my hysterectomy. I feel I am in great shape and will heal quickly. Thank you for your easy to follow videos. It really helps knowing that I just need to try and not necessarily look or be in the exact form as you. I plan on continuing the videos.' 


-Mari Trigg

Smithville, TX



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