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October 28, 2015


I ruptured all the ligaments and tendons in my right hip years ago dancing. Recovering and healing takes some time. I had a set back with them after each pregnancy because of all the expansion and contraction that comes with pregnancy. At one point it was even recommended that I have another hip repair, essentially a replacement, at the age of 29. Clearly I ignored that advice. I did more homework, consulted with an incredibly educated fitness friend of mine and developed my own hip homework that kept me in check after two babies and tons of movement. For the last 7 years I'd say my hips are actually the most balanced portions of my body, internally, from the fitness geek perspective. I've given them so much love and attention that they in turn have responded well. 


Hips are important for many reasons. They are the crossroads from upper to lower body, they function every time we move, they are the lower portion of our core and as we're aware they can go significantly downhill as we age. Instability, weakness or tightness in this area can be a trigger in a chain reaction of knee, ankle or shoulder issues. And speaking frankly....they play a major roll in the aesthetic outcome of your abs. Meaning if your hips aren't healthy, I can nearly guarantee that you're not getting the ab results you want. 


Getting your hips balanced with equal strength and flexibility is important for your long term quality of life plus they play a much bigger role in your core results than you can imagine. 


Hips do need to be opened in order to stabilize without stabilization you're in a world of hurt. Literally. Think of it as jumbled wiring behind your TV or computer. If you just go in and stabilize it's like you've color-coded and tagged everything but it's still a tangled mess. If you open up your hips than immediately follow it with stabilization/strengthening you straighten, organize, tack down, color code and label everything for long term healing.  M&K work is always about equal length and strength in your body. Hips are an incredible example of this work. 


Hips are one of our storage places in our bodies. Lot's of 'junk' we haven't dealt with emotionally can get stashed there. They can be hyper sensitive once you dig into them and can seem to sometimes get worse before they get better. It's a process so take your time and be committed to the practice of it. It's super common to get angry, frustrated and even nauseated when doing this work. Do your best to stay calm and flush your system with half your body weight in ounces of water a day and Epsom salt baths 2xs a week to help flush things out. 


Go slow. Listen to your body. Change will happen. Better will come but the rate to which that happens is very different depending on the person and the body. If you want progress you simply have to be willing to never give up. 


Hip balancing work is a hallmark of M&K workouts. I'm constantly sewing in stretches and strengthen behind the scenes. But if you need more work in order to create balance I can drop custom folders in the account s of active subscribers when they reach out for more detailed coaching from me. Just another benefit of being an M&K subscriber. i really do coach you and personal train you for your body. You may need more help for whatever reason and I'm here to guide you through it. I love the healing power of being #onthemat.


Subscribers access these custom folders after logging in to their personal accounts. Just click on 'My Account' and to the left you will see a hot pink folder for hip balance called 'Hip and SI Joint Fixers' These are videos you wouldn't otherwise have access to, but since you reached out for help...you do! 


Subscribers can also search your personal video library by clicking on 'My Account' and using key words like 'hip' 'hip issue' hip stretch' 'hip strength' These are just the ones I like for specific healing/strengthening/balancing. This also works for other things as well, you can search for body part, issue, injury, tite or prop in your video library to personalize your M&K time #onthemat.



To best help your hips and utilize the 'Hip and SI Joint Fixer' folder you'll need a set of yoga blocks, A magic circle and a versa loop. My recommended props here in in the active links. And yes, the types of props matter. You want what I'm working with, otherwise results are not the same. 



Once you're on the site and working with this custom folder on your hips, check in with me in 3-4 weeks. Ask any and all questions you might have along the way. 




Remember: all M&K subscribers get access to my custom curated folders of workouts created to balance particular issues, when they reach out to me via email for 'homework' to reach their personal fitness goals. www.matandkitchen.com


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