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November 12, 2015





The general public may see Mat & Kitchen as more of a female format of fitness and wellness, despite the fact movement is movement and intelligent workouts and clean food make a huge shift in every body. There are a significant amount of #menonthemat and I've learned that M&K is just like it was when I taught in a brick and mortar studio, my female clients would fill the group fitness classes while my male clients would schedule privates for the studio. As women we love the community support on the daily via social media while the men in my life tend to stay strong and silent then share all at one time via email, behind the scenes. 


Whatever the process, those that connect with the work of M&K have significant, real life changing stories that happen in sneaky, calm and consistent ways. James's story is a wonderful representation on the ways M&K makes everything better, especially when you're not expecting it. It's not life shattering. It's not bells and whistles. M&K lifestyles are calm and mellow and bring true change in your day-to-day lives that truly last a lifetime. 


This is James's M&K story in his own words. 



Dear Tandy,


I just wanted to let you know that I feel that M&K has truly changed my life. Back in December I weighed around 195 lbs. and I was in OK shape, I thought. I had always struggled to stick with exercise plans, but I'd been consistently active over the years. The results of a blood test showed that I had slightly high cholesterol and I was also struggling with IBS, something that has not completely gone away, but has improved. 


I quit eating cereal every night before bed and started walking 4 - 5 times a week. I started losing some weight, but I still felt tight and sore in the legs, and my shoulders had been nagging me for many years. I hate going to the gym, and weight training had always seemed to cause me more pain and injury. 


It must have been February or March when Emily told me about Mat & Kitchen ( still PYM at the time). Thanks to your coaching, Tandy, my shoulders feel great, my hips are improving, and I've brought my weight down to 177 lbs.  I don't have a lot of good before and after photos, because even when I was at 214 lbs. back in 2010, I was good at hiding the weight. Yesterday, I did two wheels during my workout. Neither wheel was perfect, but it felt so good to know that I could do that with my body without injury.


The first time I saw Tandy do a wheel, I figured that might never be possible for me. Now I'm just looking forward to getting better at it.


Now I'm starting to understand so much about how the body works. I'm an avid fly fisherman and I particularly love two-handed casting or spey-casting. Rowing a boat and casting a fly rod can be hard on the shoulders. Over the last few months, I've avoided that pain because I know to keep my elbows tight to my ribs, pull my shoulders away from my ears, and use my core to help me cast or row. It turns out that proper posture results in less pain and more effective casting. I'm able to use the rod more efficiently without wasting energy. I understood the physics of fly casting, but now I know how to use my body better to achieve proper casting form.


The family photo shows when I weighed almost 40 pounds more than I do now. The wheel shows me stronger, leaner and more connected. It's a first of many I know are on the horizon.  



James Watson

Seattle, WA 




M&K members get access to me as their personal coach via email and social media to craft a plan for their true wellness when they have special considerations. I truly am your mentor and coach. My custom curated folders of workouts are created to balance particular issues in a calm and educated way.


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