The In's and Out's of Java

November 27, 2015


For those who love coffee it is more than a love. It's an obsession. A need. A craving and a cosmic pull towards a gorgeous cup. I know, because I love coffee. I've spent time drinking it (okay, a lot of time) and I've spent time without it in honor of my body. 


But why would you drink it? Why might you skip it? Does it matter if it's drip or espresso and if you want to have fun with your cup how do you do that avoid the crappy syrups and toxic flavorings?  I belive in real food and drink. I believe in tasting the world and having as many experiences as you can, I believe all systems need a little something different to thrive and I know that what makes a body thrive evolves daily. Some things work for years then life switches it up on you. If you're educated on your food and drink, which you will be if you read on, you'll be able to ebb and flow with your system day to day. 


The Good: There is a mass of research out sharing the many benefits of coffee. It protects against type 2 diabetes, is packed with anti-oxidants, Parkinson's and liver disease and promotes a healthy heart. Coffee can help burn fat, help you focus, and up your happiness levels because of serotonin.


The Bad: Coffee caffeine is different than tea caffeine. Coffee is essentially 'younger' and hits your central nervous system in a different, more jittery, way. Tea leaves age as they grow and tend to be kinder on your system. Your kidney's have to filter this 'younger' more intense caffeine and it can tax that filtering function if you drink a ton of it (What is a ton? Depends on your body and how you react to it. 1-2 cups is typically fine). Coffee can bump up your blood pressure. If that's an issue, keep an eye on your intake. Caffeine in general can cause sleep distrurbences. This again, is variable person to person. Typically if you're not drinking it past 2pm, you're ok. But if you have issues sleeping you might try skipping caffeine in general.  As in all foods cheap coffee is bathed in toxins. Pesticides, chemicals, favorings etc....If you don't choose organic or higher end brands you can simply be drinking chemicals with your hot brown water. 


Think of coffee as creating fire (not always bad) and tea as creating steam (nearly always good.....and I'm an avid coffee drinker).  Coffee is acidic on the alkaline scale. If you're into eating alkaline (and if you're eating whole real foods you are into eating alkaline) then you want to either skip the coffee of make sure it's balanced overall with alkaline foods and plenty of water. 



Why You'd Drink Coffee: Because you love it and it's the elixir of the gods! Seriously, happiness matters. Energy transfers to and from the foods we eat and drink. We all know you can bake with love and that if you reeeeeeally love something and it generates happiness to have the ritual, in balance. Happiness matters for your wellness. Remember you're feeding your body & soul.


You might choose to drink it if you're drying to burn off the 'damp' in your system. Like in the fall or winter when things get chilly and wet and you want to create some internal fire to ward off internal muckiness. If you have an issue with mold allergies, especially in the winter as I do, coffee might help keep an internal balance. This is very different in the summer when it's crazy hot. In the summer I need to keep away from fire and heat lest my poor internal system burst into over worked flames.  


You might choose coffee simply because you like the ritual, taste, focus, antioxidents etc. and have a healthy internal system that is balanced with tons of greens, veggies and alkalized goodies like lemon water.


You would drink coffee if your digestive system is healthy and bolstered and it doesn't cause you tummy troubles. 


Why You'd Pass on Coffee: Coffee is a digestive irritant. Caffeine in general is. If you're having trouble with acid reflux, ulcers, autoimmune issues, gas, bloating or leaky gut you need to stay away until you heal your internal system. Until you heal you are literally adding fuel to a health fire. When you allow time for your body to heal, you may be able to add it back in to your life, just as I did. I've gone extended months at a time to allow my gut to heal to the point it could happily tolerate it again and keep my body balance. I have a trifecta of autoimmune issues; Celiac, IBS and a thyroidectomy. Although I hated to go with out my dearly loved espresso, it was necessary to go without coffee in order to truly heal.


Coffee was just making my healing process last longer because I stubbornly didn't want to go without for a bit.


You should skip coffee if you are relying on it for energy, you wake up 'hungover' after plenty of sleep and no alcohol the evening prior or if it's actually making you tired rather than focused when you drink it. These three things are signs that your adrenals are taxed and need some rest and healing time in order for them to be able to do their job of generating 'oompf' in your life. I've been through this experience as well. 


You might skip coffee if you're in a high stress situation (of any kind) and you're stashing weight or bloating in your low belly pooch. The low belly pooch is most often the sign your hormone levels are imbalanced. It's typically cortisol and caffeine, especially coffee, causing the imbalance. Coffee can interrupt the hormone balancing process. Ditch the coffee, take time to balance then try bringing it back in to your life when things calm down. 


How to choose which coffee to drink.  Here's the breakdown:


Drip coffee is highly acidic. Water spends a lot of time on the bean and has plenty of time to soak up the acid. It also has the highest level of caffeine that can range anywhere from 95-300mg per 8oz. cup. 


Espresso is far less acidic. Water spends a very short amount of time on the bean plus it has less caffeine than drip coffee. On the average a 1pz shot of espresso has 65mg of caffeine. Needless to say, I only drink espresso and if you have trouble with drip coffee, before saying good-bye forever to coffee, try switching to espresso. 


Decaf coffee shouldn't be touched with a ten foot wellness pole. It's the worst of the worst. The chemical process to pull out the caffeine simply adds toxins you really shouldn't wish upon your worst enemy. 


As in all things keep your coffee real and organic if you can. You don't want all the junk you're working so hard to avoid layered into your morning cup 'o joe.


3 Ways to Perk Up Your Cup:


1. Bulletproof Coffee - It's all the paleo rage but there is method to it's madness. By adding coconut oil, ghee or grass fed, raw real butter to your coffee you slow down the absorption rate of the caffeine into your bloodstream for a slower, longer buzz that is far less of a burden on your insulin and cortisol levels. This is my personal favorite.


To make your own bulletproof coffee:

-add 1 teaspoon or less of coconut oil, ghee or grass fed butter to an 8oz cup of coffee (I have 2 shots of espresso with water, or an Americano)

-blend and pour to serve


I use a little magic bullet. Blending is key. It makes it frothy, nutty and yummy just like a latte'. This is the first picture above. 


2. M&K PSL- Back in the day I was a HUGE drinker of the pumpkin spice latte. I was. I also ate donuts and periodically drank a beer. Knowing what I know now, I won't touch one because of all the junk that's in it but that yummy desert, seasonal fun of the drink still lingers. If you want to clean up your PSL simply add:

-1 teaspoon of coconut butter to 8 oz of coffee

-1/2 teaspoon of organic pumpkin spice (mine is from Whole Foods)

-1/2 Tablespoon of organic Maple Syrup 

-Blend and pour to serve


This is the third picture above. 


3. Buzz Cup- I'm a fan of adding bee pollen to a cup of coffee. Bee pollen is loaded with B vitamins and amino acids. When you mix it in your coffee you get a nutty flavor with a ton of pep to it. 


In a blender combine:

- up to 1 teaspoon of bee pollen (you may need to work your way up to the full teaspoon....there's some buzz to it for sure). 

-8oz of coffee

-blend and serve


This is the second picture above. 


No matter what you do or don't drink it's always best to be able to make an educated decision about what is right for you and your body and that can change daily. If you're connected to your system you don't need to look for anyone else to tell you wnat to eat or drink. All food from the earth is amazing and can be magical, but depending on where your system is in its life span you might need to pass on even the best of super-foods. 


Through M&K I'll teach you how to connect and translate what your body is telling you, you get to make the actual decisions of what to eat and how much. 



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