I Thought Having Triplets Was an Adventure.....

December 2, 2015






So much has changed for the better since beginning Mat & Kitchen. Before starting M & K I could barely get out of bed. When I did, it was with a headache all day and with no energy.  I just went through the motions of getting my triplets off to school and then plop back in bed until I had to pick them up 7 hours later. That was before the M&K Food Reset and finding Mat and Kitchen. An I thought having Triplets was an adventire Now I have energy to be present and active with my family.  I have no more headaches and I feel great!


Mat and Kitchen has been nothing short of an amazing adventure.  I call it an adventure because I never knew what was around the next corner of the process.  I have learned so many things during the last eight months; I know now what my body and gut are telling me and I found out I have a lot of gut issues I was never aware of before M&K. 


I have since done a second Reset to fine tune my results. I’ve found out I have a leaky gut, do not tolerate dairy very well, and especially cow. Doing the reset a second time I found out any kind of dairy wrecks havoc on my system.  I have not re-introduced Gluten into my life. I don’t know if I am intolerant or not but, I can say, I am great without it and don’t feel the need to bring it back into my diet.  I thought doing the Reset once was enough for me. But, both times I have learned something different.  I will probably do a third for an extra fine-tuning.  I have a sneaky feeling corn and natural sugars are going to me a no-no for me.  I never realized prior that I had gut issues, but what I love most is that M&K didn't just identify and hand me problems, it took suffering out of my life and gave me tools to feel and be amazing. 


The bottom line is learning what makes my system the happiest will make my wellness even better than it is today and those things make a direct impact on my happiness level and general life experience. I have more to give to myself, my fmaily and my incredible triplets now. 


Physically, I am getting stronger everyday.  I was so surprised to see the difference that just 8 week on the mat made.  But, now it has been 8 months and the changes I have had are pretty incredible.  I am being “shrink wrapped" from the inside out.  I love getting on the mat so much and miss it when I don’t do it.  I can’t wait to see what the next 8 months bring. 

I am also seeing great changes in my family, they are asking more questions and hubby is even getting on the mat with me.  My community is starting to follow suit because of the inspiration I have given them.  I am truly thankful for Tandy, the Mat & Kitchen community and my family and friends who keep me balance. 



~Robin Hobbin

Sebastopol, CA



M&K members get access to me as their personal coach via email and social media to craft a plan for their true wellness when they have special considerations. I truly am your mentor and coach. My custom curated folders of workouts are created to balance particular issues in a calm and educated way.  www.matandkitchen.com


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