M&K and Recovery for Runner's

December 11, 2015


Runner's are typically highly self-motivated people who appreciate consistent work, by themselves and value the long haul rather  of a goal rather than short term bursts of activity. They will also do anything to avoid a gym. All of these attributes make them a perfect pairing for Mat & Kitchen.  


Runners love M&K because it keeps them out of a gym, addresses all the bits and pieces that come from being a runner; tight low back, tight hamstrings, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and often a weak core because of the alignment when running plus creates major athletic bang for the buck. You initially might think runner's would avoid mind body connective workout like the plague because by getting #onthemat it could highlight how tight things really are in their bodies and how all the running can truly take the 'bendy' qualities from your system. It can do those things, for sure, bu it also simply improves all of those issues in a kind, calm, even sneaky manner that only benefits runners.


I have countless emails and social media comments from runners who added M&K to their life just because they thought stretching would be good for them, only to hear that the strengthening and balancing work of generally getting #onthemat has changed their recovery time post run, often increases their VO2 Max (cause I teach you how to fully breathe in your lungs and therefore increase your lung and exchange of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide capacity). Mat & Kitchen is sneaky but it truly is the ultimate athletic secret weapon for cross training. Getting #onthemat will keep you from injury, keep  or get you toned and strong even if you do have an injury (it's based in a physical therapy methodology and is one of the only workout formats that fabulously to do when you are injured). M&K will also simply make everything you currently do better.  A stronger core and better bone and muscle alignment is just good for a body. 


Renee Crinnion shares the summation of her M&K experience as a runner #onthemat and her experience via the workouts and food, below. 


'Working out with Mat & Kitchen has allowed a healthier and quicker recovery after

running. After a run, I have typically had left hip pain. However, after contacting Tandy, she gave

me several exercises to perform. After getting on the mat with these exercises, I have noticed

less pain and a greater recovery time. My favorite is the Monster Walk – it’s silly and a wonderful

strengthener at the same time.


Not only do the exercises help recovery time, but I have also noticed a

change in my posture, both while running and relaxing. I had been running with my torso and

shoulders hunched, but found myself actually having a proper running stance – slightly tilted but

with shoulders back. In addition to the exercises, diet changes have improved my running



I recently began a run with a Reset Smoothie and noticed that I did not have to

refuel as quickly, nor did I feel weighed down. I felt a “good full,” meaning I felt that I was getting

the right nutrients to begin my run. The changes extend out from running as well as I feel that I

want to eat cleaner – more fruits and good protein (I love lamb!) and I feel more ready to run than

exhausted at the end of the day.'


Renee Crinnion

St. Louis, MO



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