Chat on the Mat Session 4

April 19, 2016



This year I started shooting 'Chat on the Mat' sessions. In these session I sit on the mat with M&K subscribers to see how & why M&K works for them in their incredible diverse lives. In this episode we had just finished a two hour Live M&K event in Alfred, NY.


I am truly invested in those who embark on a fitness & wellness journey with Mat & Kitchen and therefore with me. I want to know who is working out with me and why. Truth is, Mat & Kitchen is all about the community. Without you getting #onthemat or #inthekitchen with me...... it's just me and a camera. Mat & Kitchen is essentially a brick and mortar I simply can't teach to all those who want to learn, in person, at one location. So, my husband and I made it accessible online. Being a subscribing member and working out with M&K online is just as personal, just as good and is more results driven than in a 'real' studio. Take it from me, I managed and taught in studios for 15 years.....I know the gig. When you're in a studio weekly, it becomes social......more chatty than focused. When you're training with me online you're cultivating your own personal practice which is far more powerful and produces true magic that you OWN. You're not just 'going' and logging time. You're focusing on your body, on you for 30 dedicated minutes. Focus and quality is always better than time and watered down attention. Plus it's nicer on your budget and your schedule and road rage to train via the website ;) 


In my fourth episode I am joined by two of my ambassadors in rural, upstate New York, Eliza and Megan, who joined me to talk about how getting on the mat allows them access to high end training regardless of their geography, majorly helps them navigate self care amongst working and the commitments of motherhood with multiple children in multiple activities and how it totally changed their perspective on food and dieting. Enjoy this first episode of Chat on the Mat HERE and watch out the others HERE.


It's important for you to know who's on the mat and why it works for them. Mat & Kitchen means incredibly different things to different people. What will it mean to you?


As always, if you have questions about anything I write about simply email me to ask or head over to my Facebook Fan Page to communicate there!






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