Tandy's top 5 Crystals and How to Care for Them

October 3, 2016


I'm a moon momma. I buy crystals. I smudge, tuck them in pockets, give them to my kids, lay them in specific corners of my house and give them as gifts. I recharge them on the night of the full moon's and I anchor in with them to bring more awareness to particular things during my meditation time. 


I'm a fan of ritual. I think it's important to physically, proprioceptively connect with things. I love setting up my stones, choosing different colors for different seasons and holding them like a treasured lovie of years gone by. 


I get asked a lot, behind the scenes, how to get started with crystals and what to do with them etc. 


I finally got around to writing the post. 


Here are the top 5 crystals I recommend to start with. They cover broad topics and help you get settle in to your own #moonmomma magic. 


1. Quartz - Good ole solid, clear quartz. It's a beautiful multi-tasker.  It corresponds to all chakras, balances them all and helps improve/purify all physical and energetic systems of the body simply by having it near you. It basically self programs to you and simply balances the energy around it, amplifying the good and negating the bad.  It's a deep soul and karmic dis-ease cleanser. It restores energetic harmony and wholeness. 


2. Rose Quartz - Is the crystal of love and comes in soft shades of pink. It is the ultimate healer, it's the momma bear hug of stones, cause when you've got love, you've got everything you need.  It correlates to the heart chakra and works wonders for unexpressed emotions and heartache. It stabilizes emotions and allows you to see situations with compassion and balance. It can teach you self acceptance gently while dissolving guilt and bitterness. 


3. Carnelian - Again with the multi-taskers. This orange, to orange-white - red stones correlates to your 3 base chakras; root, sacral and solar plexus. When  you are anchored and grounded in your base chakras you are bolstered for wellness and security. For those of you that tend to be flaky, flighty, forgetful or simply highly sensitive or psychic getting grounded in your root chakras is where healing and balance occurs. This one is gorgeous and wonderful because it addresses all three.  This stone stimulates courage and bravery in action. If you need a little boost of support this stone is lovely and strong. 


4. Agate (any) - Agate comes in a rainbow of colors and each color does something a little different. But as a generality these stones are grounding, earthy, motherly, comforting and soothing. I'm a magnate for agate. No matter what color and especially if I don't know what a stone is, if I'm reaching for it and interested in it....there's an 85% chance it's agate. My personal faves are pink agate for heart soothing and deep love for self and others and another personal favorite is green and white tree agate. It looks like tree moss and truly gives a calming, grounding affect and a lovely connection to the divine think 'as it is above, so it is below' with the roots anchoring deeply into mother earth and the branches reaching up wide to the divine spirit. 


5. Kyanite - This stone comes in many colors but my favorite is black. It's another than balances all the chakras and energies of a body, like the quartz. It's wonderful for breaking addictive habits or simply bad habits. It's excellent for helping to recall childhood memories....and...wait for it...it never has to be cleansed! I still cleanse and recharge mine, because, well, I'm a little superstitious of crystals carrying bad energies and bleeding over since that's exactly NOT the point of them. So I clean mine. But well, if you don't want to you don't have to. 


Crystal Care:


You do need to care for your crystals. Here's the simple guidelines. 


Each time you get a new crystal you'll need to cleanse if of any negative energies it might already be carrying (cause it did it's job and pulled them out of whatever environment it was in prior to you). 


There are many ways to cleanse a crystal but here is my preferred method:


Smudge with Sage or Palo Santo, either dried bunches or incense. Burn Sage or Palo Santo, waft the smoke over and around the crystals while saying a small prayer out loud or in your head to the affect of  'Please release any negative energies you may have absorbed and allow them to return to mother earth. Please return this stone to it's original frequency'. You can also 'program' the crystal for something specific if you like, it's not necessary, but if you are truly trying to work through something like releasing self unworthiness or releasing a bad habit you can simple 'program' the crystal by saying out loud or in your head a little prayer to the affect of ' Please assist me in embracing and honoring my full self worth' or ' Please assist me in releasing the habit of gossiping'. Then you're ready to roll. 


It's also important to recharge your stones during the Full Moon. You can simply look up online when the moon cycles are. On the night of the full moon (or up to 3 days after) smudge all your stones and say your cleansing prayer as you did above, then set all your stones in the moonlight or a window sill near the full moon for 24 hours. 


Crystals work based on energies. They balance energetic fields. Crystals absorb negative elements to leave you with positive ones.  They work hard for us, so they need to release that negative energy...otherwise that negative energy gets carried and passed around or blocks it from doing its positive balancing work. 


As I said, there are many ways to cleanse them and there are thousands of stones out there to explore and work with. These are simply my favorites and what I consider the 'starter pack'. 


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