What to do When Your Bits are Funky

October 9, 2016

We all get funky bits in our bodies.


Pulls, sore, tight muscles, cranky parts that we slept on wrong or simply muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia that have been over taxed or are in the process of their own evolution towards better.


We all need self care.


We all have times when our bodies need more nurturing, support and flat out love from us. 

We don't always have a 'diagnosis' or a clear name for what's going on in our bodies. 

Some funky bits are only with us for a day, others may be more chronic or pervasive.

Some funky bits may need the attention of a practitioner or doctor but there is so much you can do as a first line of defense to soothe and assist the natural healing our bodies are capable of. 


I'm sharing the basics of self-care with you. I've used these 5 steps for over two decades on myself, my children, clients and subscribers. These 5 steps are pieces of personal empowerment that can lead to real wellness and relief and have you feeling life you're on a journey with your body rather than at the mercy of it. 


Self Care Basics for Funky Bits:

  1. Take an epsom salt bath as often as you can - 1-2 cups of epsom salts (if you can't find them use pink salt) in a bath as hot as you can stand for 40 minutes. The first 15-20 will detox your general system, the reminder will allow your system to absorb the minerals and hydrate your body. This is aids in improved and quickened muscle recovery and repair. An epsom bath is also an incredible aura/energy cleanser. If you're feeling low, drained and overwhelmed emotionally or energetically this is a wonderful way to boost your system. It's a staple for those who tend to be highly sensitive in general. 

  2.  Use Sombra or Miss May's Muscle Balm on the funky area before bedtime - These are the two I prefer because they're clean and they work! I'm not a fan of anti-inflammatories for other wellness reasons. They're simply filled with junk for our internal health that actually produce inflammation and degradation in our digestive systems. It's the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia that are typically hurting, stick with treating those rather than getting your digestion involved. Do it before bed so you get as many hours or rest and actual regeneration as possible. Don't wear the balm as a false sense of security during the day or during a workout. Use it during rest to allow repair. 

  3. Alternate ice and heat - 20 minutes each, for as many rotations as often as you can. This will take down the inflammation, keep it localized and also keep the tissues supple. 

  4. Avoid sitting as much as possible - This just compresses things and causes more tension. If you can stand or kneel please try. Clearly do the best you can on this one. 

  5. HYDRATE - THIS ONE IS HUGE! Muscles, ligaments and tendons neeeeeeed to be fully hydrated to heal and be stable and not get injured. Hydration creates suppleness and lubrication in the body. Cut down the caffein and pump up the water. Aim for half of your body weight in ounces of water a day. 

If 'funky bit' slow you down, start with these 5 steps.


Feel empowered to care for yourself and know that every 'funky bit' is reminder to check in with ourselves, to care for ourselves and to balance our work effort on the mat and out in the world with rest, love and recovery. 


Also, please remember, I'm not a doctor and that you should always follow your needs and instincts to reach out for additional support and guidance when you need to. These can be wonderful helpers and soothers in the time between initial pain and an in office appointment. 


Check out my what I teach #onthemat at www.matandkitchen.comSee how my workouts challenge you to become your best self without beating your body into submission but always offering a challenge and an opportunity to learn in the wellness triangle of body mind and spirit. 


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