Wish Big, Wish Often

November 14, 2016



One of the things I hear countless times over the last 15 years in the fitness & wellness industry is ‘I WISH I could do that’ or ‘I WISH I could live, eat, be…..like that (fill in your wish here)’.


This phrase is uttered for many reasons. Often it’s an excuse to not actually do anything…...because somewhere along the way we have learned (falsely) that wishing is silly, it’s for children and it isn’t ‘real’. So by ‘wishing’ for something you release responsibility for ever cultivating, learning or doing  it ‘I wish I could lose 10lbs’ or ‘I wish I could practice pilates’ or ‘I wish I could do a headstand’ or ‘I wish I could meditate’.


The literal definition of the word wish is: A feeling that one would like to have or do something or to see something happen; a desire, longing or strong inclination for a specific thing.


A wish is a desire.

A wish is want.

A wish is simple.

If you wish…..you want.


Wishing applies to anything and everything.

Wishing is a giant flag for teachers to step up, if they hear you say it, hold that persons hand and say ‘YOU CAN!....let me teach you how’!

It’s also the most beautiful flag for you.

When you hear the things you ‘wish’ for…. take note. Literally, perk up and make a mental or physical note of what you are saying. Jot it down.

Did you even realize you are wishing for this?

Are you aware of what you are putting out in the world with your words?


When the word wish comes flying out of your mouth, take note.


These wishes are the things and ways you want to show up in the world but….. I bet you, you’re hesitant to do so.

By using the word ‘wish’ you may be distancing yourself from the things you truly want and the flavors of living you actually want your life to have.


‘I wish I could…..’ is a heralding cry of ‘I WANT TO ( fill in your wish here) BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW’!


Remember that warning? That one that told you to be careful what you wish for? You just might get it.


It’s time to quit throwing your wishes away and learn how to generate them into real things. It’s time to know what you really want your life to look like and to craft your life by design.


It’s time to craft your life via wishing.


Here’s How:

  1. Ditch the mindless wish. Ditch your concepts of wishing not being real. Honor your wishes for what they truly are, wants, and allow your wishes to take real root in your life.

  2. Believe in childish magic. Know that wishes do and can come true!

  3. Get real about your wishes. Are you using the ‘I wish I could….’ phrase to distance yourself from the reality of a life you want? Are you using the phrase as a way of getting out of ever putting effort towards the life you really want? Or were you just unaware of your true wishes? Be honest, get aware, take note. Either use the word ‘wish’ to flag your consciousness that you need to take note on what you want to bring into your life or….quit using the word wish in relation to what you just said. Do you really wish for that thing? Words are powerful. When you can start linking your words to your heart and soul wants, then act on those things (doing, actual real things to help your wishes come into being) this is when you begin your life of true integrity and magic. You begin to live a life of courage and bravery and JOY! So beware, wishing brings joy….can you handle joy?

  4. Take notes, I’m repeating this…..multiple times….can you tell it’s important?  WRITE YOUR WISHES DOWN. Post them places you will see them over and over. Make them real. Use ink. Use a color that wakes up your heart and makes you happy. Post your wishes on post-its to surprise yourself (inside the fridge, where you hang your towel after a shower, tucked in pockets or in your wallet. Craft an entire art project out of your wishes, vision boards work.

  5. Meditate on your wish. This one is major. If you aren’t willing to put some calm, quiet focus on your wish….you don’t really want it. If it’s too much trouble to do ‘nothing’ about your wish…..well….than... you don’t really want it. 2 - 10 minutes a day is enough. Before bed might be easiest. Simply think about your wish, ruminate, day dream, repeat it over and over. Program that wish on your brain and in the stars.

  6. Make a list of all the things you need in order to have this wish functionally come to life. Get practical. Get real. Be honest and make a guess at how long it could take to bring it to life.

  7. Make a list of all the tiny things you can do each day, week, month and year to bring your wish to you. All great things come one sneaky, quiet step at a time and a little effort goes a long way for the long haul. Recruit help, search for teachers and mentors.

  8. Quit being lazy. Go. Do! Craft who you want to be. Not who anyone else wants you to be or do. You be you. One wish at a time. Check off that list you made of things you can start doing now!

  9. Stay positive and create as much support for your wish as possible. Share with friends, community and family that will support it. If you fear they will do the opposite for your wishes, keep it between yourself and the ethers. Sometimes your wishes need quiet protection to come to fruition. You decide what’s best for each wish.

  10. Literally conjure of the feelings of you with your wish. You’ve got to be able to feel it before it appears.

  11. Be grateful for it. Give thanks to the universe for assisting you with your wishes. Be grateful for yourself for and your efforts and willingness to wish often and wish big. Giving thanks is a big one. Don’t skip it.

  12. Snag a few crystals that aid in bringing wishes to life like citrine, pyrite, rose, selenite, aventurine or jade. Me…..I put them all in a pile ON TOP of the paper I wrote my swishes on…..can’t be too careful with wishes ;) Keep that pile near you during meditation.

  13. Implement the small things soon as you can...like the writing it out and meditating on your wish daily. Don’t delay! Your wishes are waiting!


What you wish for can come true with a little elbow grease and a lot of stardust. Create your best self. Be, do and become exactly who you ‘wish’ for. Listen to your wishes and implement them one at a time.


As the saying goes ---- ‘I’d rather look back at my life and say ‘I can’t believe I did that’ instead of ‘I wish I had done that’ ------ Everything you wish for can be a part of your life. It might take 5 minutes, it might take 20 years…..but if you are honest in your wishes, true of heart in your wants and put some real time and effort to them... they will come true...one step at a time.  


Your wishes may not always come out EXACTLY as you planned, but the journey is always perfect. I’ve lived a life this way and am still surprised and delighted in what wishing can create.



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