All She Wanted....

January 10, 2017

I love to share M&K member stories. They come in all shapes and sizes.


M&K members come from all over the globe, from young to mature (18 - 86 is the age range I know of on the site), male and female, completely healthy to living with drastic autoimmune issues or injury issues that need healing. 


M&K members are intelligent and looking for a long term solution that works with their body rather than against it. M&K members want to feel better, above 'looking' better. They're over all the fitness hype, PR and marketing and looking for something real. 


The irony of this method I use on M&K of approaching your fitness from a more calm and kind place is that once you drop the basic pursuit of weight loss or body 'change' from the outside in and address lifestyle habits and practices and how you FEEL....and yes....your food.... the battle ends. Your body starts to peel, like an onion to reveal it's best self. 


The M&K Food Reset (available, free on to M&K members) cracks your personal food code. It seamlessly lets you see what works for you (not me, your mom, your BFF or anyone else...YOU). It functions on a 'do no harm' approach of nourishing and bolstering with whole, real foods, ditching the processed junk and the chemical invaders to allow your body to release what it no longer needs and bubble with energy. A reset body ditches inflammation, bloating and access weight. The Reset truly allows a body to find it's own set point by simply getting 'real' with nutrients and tons of hearty, what I refer to as, farm food, that allows you to feel cared for from the inside out.


I'm sharing Laura Noll's story.

She's from Kansas City, MO and she wasn't aiming to lose weight. All she wanted was to feel better.


I met Laura a couple of years ago at a Mat & Kitchen live event. She's been a member for years and has evolved into a lifetime friend, but like most, was hopping on and off the mat with workouts and was dabbling in healthier foods but finally hit a place she was ready to become her best pursuit of feeling really, genuinely good. She had finally reached a place where she was willing to listen to the route I felt was best for her success....and um, well I wrote a wish everyone would start there. 


Your fuel truly denotes how you 'run'.What you fuel with is beyond powerful for how you feel, function...and yes, look. How you fuel should be enjoyed, reveled in and enjoyed. What I teach has nothing to do with deprivation or diet (ick, I detest that word). It's about learning how truly wonderful real food can be. How filling, nourishing, supportive and it is to connect with it and  how eating what works with your personal system, matters. 


I asked Laura to share her Reset experience because even I was shocked at the amount she ended up loosing. (Typically I'm correct within 3 lbs of how much people actually have to loose). I could see that her skin issues were coming from food and I'd been suspicious for years she and gluten were not friends. 


This is Laura's story, in her words. 


They're powerful, honest and simple. 


I'm sharing Laura's story because the joy and delight with revealing herself to herself is palpable. The focus isn't the 20lbs, it's the surprise, the joy, the ease, the education and the wonderful energy and feeling of feeling AMAZING that matters. Not the number. 


I'm sharing Laura's story to ever encourage everyone and anyone to do the M&K Food Reset because ti will truly change your life. 


Here is Laura's M&K story in her own words:


"I wanted to be healthier. That's it. I just wanted to know what it means be healthier in a way that I could actually keep going for the rest of my life. You! You did that for me! I have to keep emphasizing that I wasn't trying to lose a ton of weight. Yes, I was at my heaviest – ever. But I thought I was just carrying a few extra pounds, I didn't consider it outlandish. I would have still considered myself a reasonably healthy person – which I now know was wildly untrue. After this experience, I fully believe that I'm walking proof that active and slim-ish still doesn't mean 'healthy' if you fuel your body with total junk. I seriously didn't know I had this weight to lose and I think that makes this change that much more shocking!


Learning to eat well has been fun, shockingly easy and really (REALLY) delicious. So much so that I've maintained the reset menu more than a week after finishing the actual reset. I've never cooked, I've never packed lunches, I've never ready ingredients on boxes. After the first week, I had so much confidence in what I was doing that I thought for sure I was missing something. I couldn't believe that it was actually this easy. Turns out, it gets even easier.


I'm still on the struggle bus with workouts. I'm just awful at prioritizing them in my schedule. Here's what's nuts: even without regular workouts, I'm now at a healthier weight than I ever was when I spent 12 hours a week in the gym. The only thing that has changed is my food. 


I lost 20 pounds in 48 days. Everything I've ever read says that that quick weight loss is unhealthy. Everything about how I feel now says that all the things I've read before are total crap. I've fought acne since middle school – now my face is clear. I was living off of caffeine for survival – now I wake up and start my day without it. I was constantly sluggish and complaining through the day – now I have the energy to wake up, work and even keep going when I get home. My thighs, stomach, face and arms were holding more weight then ever – now they're the slimmest I've looked in the last 5 years.


With your help, I've gone from a near-dangerous sugar binger to thoughtfully eating healthy for every meal. I remember telling you that I was worried about the social aspect – not getting to eat out with friends or go for drinks. I didn't even have to give that up! I'm just overwhelmingly aware of what goes into the food at my favorite places and what on their menus is something I actually want to eat. I've navigated 49 days of healthy eating – through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's no less – without feeling like I gave up anything. I found chocolate that I love more than ever – but I don't feel like I need to eat it all at once. I found teas, snacks, meals, salads, travel foods and more that all fit my lifestyle – and I'm shocked to be able to say that I really do enjoy eating them. No pasty protein powders or cardboard frozen food here!



That might be the one big difference between Mat & Kitchen and fads I've tried in the past. I didn't feel punished by your program. I didn't feel like "I've been bad" and "couldn't have" things I really wanted. I felt like I was clearing clutter, letting go of the junk and making room to be educated. And that's exactly what happened. I'm so excited for what potential this adds to the future. The healthy lifestyle, passion for wellness and a foundation for one day raising a healthy family are actually within reach – and that's totally your doing. A little bit of my doing...but a whole lot of your doing. I'll never be able to thank you enough for that, Tandy. Unicorns for life."



Enter promo code: MKBLOG17 at checkout on This code allows you 30 days free on my site to see if what and how I teach is a fit for you. You can cancel at anytime with 2 button clicks from your account and it comes loaded with extra workouts for those beginning on the mat with $96 value).


 See how M&K challenges you to become your best self without beating your body into submission but always offering a challenge and an opportunity to learn in the wellness triangle of body, mind and spirit. *M&K is appropriate for all fitness levels. 





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