Blessings and Magnitude

May 10, 2017


Just all this.

Say focused on the positive.


Strive for empathy, forgiveness and creativity.


Teach by being.

Model the best behavior for each other.

Quit fighting and hug.




Do everything you can to find common ground and work from there.

Meditate and pray.

Put the energy towards the good and better.

Put energy towards the right. The equal. The moral. The loving.


Because there is a right.

There is a moral right and wrong and if we must educate and teach it and finally be done with this lesson.....then we must.


We are not our skin and bones.

We are souls.


We must start teaching more of that.

We are all equal.


The fear is crippling and killing us.

It's why we're in the place we are in.


Full moon's are all about releasing and forgiving.

They happen every month. 


Before you can start fresh and bring new blessings into the world you've got to release the old. 

Before you can be new you must release the past. 

To fly, you have to be willing to let go.

Wishes, manifestation and blessings are deeply interconnected to your ability to heal, relinquish and sweep out what no longer serves. 

Clear out the old to make room for the new.


Forgiveness is not about making things that happen ok, it's about releasing the heaviness of their load to allow for better to come to fruition. It's more important now than ever, in order to protect ourselves and each other, to forgive, release, protect and make better. If we get too caught up in mess....we'll never make anything better. Step out of the muck. Create light. Be the light, bend and  lead towards the light anyway you can.


Easiest way? Meditate. 2-11 minutes a day. Raise the vibration of your self and you raise the vibration of the world.

Collective effort matters.


Where energy goes......expansion flows. Are you putting too much energy towards the mess or are you generating energy for the solution?


Like I tell my kids 'be a problem solver, not a problem maker.......and if you're not trying to are totally apart of the problem.

Apathy is just as bad.


On each full moon, use its energy to remember that we are all stardust.

It's pure magic that we are ever born.

Remember that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Remember that we are here to learn lessons, not for a free ride or entertainment.

The biggest, most important lessons are always the most challenging. 


Magnitude denotes the blessings coming.

Our job is to learn the lesson and then share what we've learned to assist others in the process. 


Remember these things tonight when you look up at the moon and forgive all the hurts.....remember, forgiving doesn't make the action right, it release you from the burden of frustration and anger that weighs you down and only puts energy in the wrong place.  


Forgive, release than put effort into evolving, loving and making a change for the better. 

Easiest way to make positive change?

Start with you. 

Start with yours. 

Radiate the good. 



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