Love Out Loud

June 9, 2017


I believe in the goodness of people.

I believe in the protection of something bigger than ourselves.

I believe in love.


But like anything else, believing and knowing are two different things and we must still 'do' no matter how much faith and knowing we possess.  


We are all born and created in perfection.

We are created harmoniously to live and love together.

We are created out of love.  It's a choice to hate, to polarize, to say 'different is bad'. It is also a choice to love, to learn, to include and even to say 'I don't understand but that's ok'. Some get lost in fear and our lack of empathy. Some forget how to simply be and see each other as we are just little balls of stardust standing in front of each other trying to see and be seen.


And really, the only thing any of us want is to be hugged. Loved. Seen. We crave the comfort of love, we think it's parental...then we think it's a partner...but it's just plain ole simple love, from anyone who can hold us in high regard and accept our faults with our blessings.


Some only see each other as statistics and color and 'sides', habits and quotas.

Those people have forgotten, or never known, just how to love each other.

To love.

Out loud. 


Remember ---- hurt people hurt people ---- there's a sea of hurt out there in the world.

We must find our own individual ways to love out loud.

We much each find the simplest of ways to love bigger.


Remember that for whatever is true, the equal and opposite is true ---- Healed/loving people heal and love people ----

It's not a small task but, it is simple.


We will not solve all our hurts in a day but we must begin now to work towards solutions.

Typically things are not fixed until they're broken.

We are breaking.

Wide open in a mess of pieces.

It's an opportunity to put it back together better.


We're receiving opportunities to fix.....frequently.... It's a time to love bigger, love out loud, love more or simply learn how to love at all, even in the tiniest of bits. We all come from the same soil. The same stardust and if we did our research we'll find we mostly come from the same blood. We are all a muddled, gorgeous, mixed up reflection of each other.


When we hurt and hate anyone else we're simply hurting and hating ourselves. Out loud. It's time to #loveoutloud and start to heal, fix, expand and evolve.


The only way to do that is to love out loud. 

Smile more. 

Smile at strangers.

Embrace yourself and others.

Learn to love what you're made up of, learn self care and self love cause if you love you......then you can truly love others and change truly happens one person at a time and the only person you truly have any sway or say over, is you. .


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