No Tech Meditation

September 7, 2017


I need to begin by saying, I adore technology. I love it. I look at it from the unbelievably connective and inclusiveness of it. The capacity to share and expedite and again, to connect those of us who otherwise would NEVER be in each others lives.


Technology allows me to teach far more people than I ever could one-on-one and at a much more accessible rate.

Technology allows me to homeschool my children.

Technology allows me to travel the world and still work, every step of the way.


So when I say...don't use an app for's time to perk up and listen because I embrace a laptop lifestyle.


As a culture we're so ingrained in technology; button pushing, pixels, stimulation and things doing things for us and 'making things easier'.


Meditation is the antithesis of that.

Meditation is about the non doing. It's about he draining off and balancing out of EMF's and electirical energy. 
Meditation, moving or not, is about getting grounded and rooted in our primal, and yes, divine selves.


Relying on a technical widget to get connected to our selves is seriously counterintuitive.


The goal of meditation is to learn to be still, be quiet and honestly to be with yourself and not need anything or want anything else.


Meditation is about self love. Self containment and self contentment.


It's not about counting, ticking off, tallying up.


If you're doing it in this 'check off the list' kinda why you are doing it wrong. And I rarely point to anything being wrong when in pursuit of better. 


It's okay to fidget, initially. 
It's okay for the mind to chatter.
It's okay to struggle with it to not look forward to it.


In my opinion it's reeeeeeeealllly not okay to put a tech barrier between you and meditation.


Can you listen to music? Yes. 
Can you be guided? Yes.
Can you experiment with all versions of meditation and see what works for you? YES, PLEASE! 
Can you use an app and call me full of you know what and disregard my opinion? Absolutely. 

I challenge you to find someone who is truly, deeply grounded, connected, evolved....that's meditating with an app.


The goal, which we may all be seeking for eternity, is silence....stillness.....I promise that an app cannot cultivate that for you.


There are still some things momma earth does better than technology.

There are still things that we need and require to do in a primal way.


This is the funny thing about my members only website Mat &'s online...but it's actually cultivating a self practice for you when you may have NEVER ventured into that. There's nothing more grounded and earthy, real, primal and non-tech than a self practice #onthemat.


To truly balance the wonders of technology we must embrace our primal needs.


Real food wins for fuel and in my experience and staying away from the apps for mindfulness or meditation is the route to go. You just don't get you 'in there' with a meditation practice like your own, no app, self can. An app is a distraction. An app is a piece of candy to bribe yourself into meditation.

But....... I'm willing to eat my words and I know that different things work for different people. I'm very willing to be wrong. And yes.....does this opinion of mine apply to fit bits as well? Yup. Our culture here in the U.S is waaaaaay too deep in the rabbit hole of analytics and's not moving the dial towards the positive in our health or wellness/fitness.


This obsession with tracking our analytics on EVERYTHING is simply spending our dollars and keeping us on the frenetic wheel of non-progress. Keeping us in stress, fight or flight mode instead of doing the OPPOSITE of grounding, soothing, calming, focusing and creating creative solutions.

More heart. Less analyzing. Merging and blending your intellect and heart is the long game goal. This is what happens through meditation. It's hard to get the two (heart and mind....intellect and intuition....gut and thoughts) to talk to and with each other if the intellect is being amped with an app. We need them on equal playing fields to connect. We need to un-plug from the technology in this instance and plug - in to ourselves.


Sometimes, you just have to balance all the positive technology with good ole basics.


Meditation is absolutely the place I'd say there is clarity in the why of keeping it simple and straying from an app.


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