November 7, 2017

Time to look at what you stashed in there. 

Time to see what someone else snuck in.


It's time to unpack.


We all have baggage.

It's the human condition. 

We all have things that drag us down and hold us back.


Some of those things we may never be able to fully let go of.

Some of the things we've packed away may never be transmuted into gold. 

Some of our issues, lessons and hurts may very well be carried in this lifetime and potentially in to the next. 


Regardless of release or's time to unpack whatcha got and see what you're carrying around. 


Just like the monsters under the bed, things look very different in the light of day. 

That hanger dangling in the closet is just a hanger, not a fire breathing taloned dragon. 

It's time to unpack. 


What can you get rid of?

What needs love and acceptance and even more, what needs forgiveness?

What do you need to keep but learn how to carry more efficiently? 


Or.....maybe you keep everything you've packed up and simply you need nicer luggage to haul it around in.


Today: make a list of everything you're angry about, frustrated by, fearful of and flat out hurt by.

Look at it.

Own it.


Say to yourself "If none of these ever changed, I love who I am, I love my life. I love the opportunities that life offers and I root myself in love rather than fear. Something about to happen because I am willing to look".


Then decide: what can you release?

What can you transmute from lack to abundance, fear to love, dark to light, iron to gold? 

What can you shrink and fold more efficiently. 

Then, perhaps....set that list on fire......literally -  somewhere safe and non flammable, a fireplace or a kitchen pot with a lid works just fine).... and ask the universe to take care of you and that baggage.


If you don't choose to send it up in smoke simply say as a prayer 'I release these things and allow the universe to assist me in my evolution to the Better'.


Allow your baggage to be lighter.....or upgraded to leather with gorgeous zippers, clasps and closures. 

Trade that steamer trunk for a small valise. 


Today's the day to unpack. 



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